Looking for some1 to Hire

Just looking for someone to Hire placing brick and water at my place on Houches 1 (Big Job)

oooooooooooooo. i’d like it.

i dunno if i will but i can try :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly its help me place my floor it got boring lol wanna finish my floor faster :laughing: but idk how much to pay some1 to help me lol I’m located nomads hub portal to the left on houches or PS houches behind maly portal

Is the ground you are trying to lay the brick on flat? If so max dexterity and the guild buff for placement speed will have that floor down in no time.

and high control (long distance placement) will help even more!

I’m placing a platform around my build it’s all over water lol h3des helping me but he shocked that it’s big area making floor and raising water level lol

Ah, I see. I’m actually building a large raised floor too and it’s a pain in the butt. I tackle it a few minutes at a time here and there and eventually it will get done.

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I can help if you need some help still :blush:

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Everyone here knows how to use creep while looking down to place floors right?

Damn Jacey u buff af lol


no creeping if u can place fast enough :wink: floor is sorted, water still needs work. And yes it’s huge.

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What is huge ? 10x10 or 100x100 Plots ???

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36x36 is big enough for draw distance for me

Yeah big is relative, but i did get 2 achievemants for putting down stone blocks while doing it; so its bigger on a single level than all the building I’ve done so far with stone lol

Edit: i do prefer wood though, so there is that…