Looking for somewhere to hang

I haven’t met anyone in my travels yet over the AUS world’s and I was looking for any active players to hang with, you know: groups of people who want to build and explore and stuff, give me a world name and co-ords to a city or something. In general you can put any towns or active groups of players in this thread for people to find.
Thanks guys!


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Hi @Frikcha! Check out this thread for some player centers:


And welcome to Oort!! :smile:


If you can, log on to Ruchs now, I’m at your beacon and I’d love to see someone else for once :slight_smile:

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I play on Vekil (Aus Server) but not very regularly. Theres a few of us starting out a mountain city kind of things with cave houses built into mountains. If you travel along a path from the capital (walk around until you see something that looks like a path haha) you’ll come to an unfinished staircase thingy to a mountain. Just go up and follow it along and you’ll see some bridges, etc. and feel free to build into one of the mountains or find a naturally spawned cave and build in :slight_smile:

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