Looking for specific wood colors SOLVED

Does anyone have any regeneration farms for these wood colors, or know where I can farm a decent amount of each? Type does not matter.

Edit… Found them all, try @Ross
Farm spots still would be good but not as necessary.

Light mustard
Silk mustard
Light tan
Light sepia
Silk orange
Dark orange
Vivid red
Dark red
Light red
Dark disguise

Side question is slide an exo thing?

Have you heard of the information station? (https://boundlessinfo.com/home)

You can find colors and resource information here. It’s a great reference.

Don’t know about farms but check out bob’s farms via TNT megahub.


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Slide is crafted block


Not heard of this colour before, might have to double check it :sweat_smile:


Lol wow auto correct really did a number on fuschia! Not sure how I missed that, lol…

Thank @Ross and @Soju-VB
Will check out that farm and stuff.

Information station seems very helpful, for everything but tree/wood colors. Or I am totally doing something wrong (wouldn’t be a first).

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It takes some getting use to but you’ll be able to find the wood yer looking. Check out the world control option at the info station. You can find colors and items from there.

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Thank you, sounds a bit easier than how I was trying it looking at every world lol

No luck with the wood at farms but I did find a sand and clay color I needed :smile_cat:

That was so simple once I got it! Tyvm

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