Looking for Sponsors

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Looking for Sponsors to support a prize purse for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (at least) for an upcoming Dodge bombs tournament before the end of February.

Please PM me if you are interested…

Official publication to follow later in the week…


How much do you need?

Looking for any amounts of coin or tools or Oort to make up a prize purse.

Ideally a Million coin Grand Prize would be great. I can support some of it. But not all. I know theres some generous people, and others who like to support social events, and others who like to get their name out there and I would appreciate any assistance. Second and Third place can be whatever proportional to the grand prize. I can at least offer a full SS of T6 forged hammers for Third.

OK, I like to give you 2m coins, how and when we can meet?

Maybe u like to keep the half of that money for your next bomb event (after this bomb event)

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I would greatly appreciate that!

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