Looking for t7 gleam farmer

I want some of this red and orange gleam but tbh I’m busy with my existing build and don’t have time to farm any decent amounts of it.

I’m looking for multiple smart stack quantities, maybe quite a bit depending on price. It looks like there’s a ton of the orange especially.

Feel free to PM with estimates or just post prices, as you prefer. I can pre-fund you with tools and warp money if you have any experience and will contract for a good price. It’s open air t7 farming though so this probably shouldn’t be your ‘first rodeo’.

@Ratchel tho he might be too busy with work(irl) right now

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Just sent you a PM. I was actually going to post looking for ‘work’ to help get me some coin, and figured this would be a perfect trade since I’m planning to go to those planets and farm the gleam tonight before they both leave.

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If he will ping me when he’s available, he’ll be working.

Responded let’s work something out.

I most likely will not be able to play by the time the exos disappear.

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No worries I’m late. I was wanting to go but it’s not happening for me either. Thanks for chiming in though :slight_smile:

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Hey nighty! I kinda want to! I got some already! U want some red gleam?

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I’ll PM you Lunai. Since we already discussed something it depends on what you want to do more. :wink: