Looking for tangle colors

Hi, Ive looked around a number of malls, on shop scanner etc without any real success trying to find some different colored tangle.
I’m decorating my tavern and using tangle for beds (at least for now) and the only color I have is Delta Cancret Dark Green, but I dont want all the beds to be the same so if anyone knows of a shop or has themselves a small quantity of varied colored tangle to sell in the less vibrant colors, like maybe a dull orange or sepia, perhaps light red etc can they please let me know. I dont need a lot maybe half a dozen or so of a few different colors.
Cheers Ando

Hey. I have some in my shop on cephonix merika, phlacids HQ.
Marble & More.
But only one color… if you want come and look

What color is that

Light azure blue

I have quite a supply of gleambow colours I would be happy to sell

from an exo…

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2680 i have from this ca.

@WinniOne Cool, Light azure sounds like a goer. Ill check it out when I get home from work.

@ghandymarshall sounds great where would i go?

I’m based on arie. Would need 15mins to get on. Been awake about the same amount of time and I’m still lazing in bed lol

Im still at work for another hour or so, no rush lol. And if the daughter wants to walk the dogs there goes another hour. Do you have a shop you could place some in and ill check em out?

Pretty sure if they went in a stand someone would grab them pretty quickly lol. Just reply here when you are home from work etc