Looking for the aus servers. Was just curious what they were?


Im semi new to the game and havnt been able to find what servers are the australian ones. Please send help. Thankyou


Boori, Lutrion, Lasaina.

Thats the 3 lower ones. not sure about the new planets though.


Oh okay. Yes that is what i had been told. But my ping is horrible. I wasnt sure if i got told the truth or not.


I am US East and have almost no lag on AUS, or US West servers also.
I would use F1 and bring up the latency meter if youre on PC.
Find a planet with a steady meter. anything constant under 100 is playable.


Hmm. The f1 key for latency you mentioned does not work for me also


turn debug on in settings


Okay will do. Thankyou for your help


Are there any ports i could open in my router to give me better connection?


most likely not. what kinda net do you have? i only have a 18mbps connection and play most the time completely lag free.


Can you set the Chunk Limit to Minimum in the Networking settings?

This will make the worlds load slower but will prioritise the non-chunk traffic.


Also set your minimum fps. That has helped a few i know.


If you’re playing Wirelessly then try playing Wired just to see if the Wi-fi is an issue.


Ive done all that but wired because i dont have a long enough cable atm. And still doesnt help :frowning:


And unciviled im running nbn fibre connection. But im running wirless atm because of computer placement issues.


Agree with James tweaking settings usually has a huge impact.
Have you checked what your current ping is?


It usually sits at between 2 to 300 and thats on aus servers. Like its playable but not perfect


If your ping is varying by 2ms and 300ms then this is highly likely to be your wireless.

Just as a test - move your PC and plug it into the router. If the signal becomes constant then at least we’ve issolated the issue.

(I have a great internet connection at home. But my wifi is a disaster outside of the room it’s in. I’ve always assumed it was the building materials.)


I find I get unstable pings on my WiFi after every Windows 10 Update.

Open a Command window and do ping -t boundless.com and the times are all over as I move around.

Disabling, then Enabling, the WiFi dongle in Device Manager fixes it - rock solid. Every time. Baffling, but works.


Are you in EU or US-west perchance?, i get 200-300ms ping whenever i try to goto Boori from an EU world and that’s with Fibre optic internet and an Ethernet connection.