Looking for


@Brea or someone who plays with her and can access her beacons, so we can do something with unfinished roads in Aquarius Lasaina Hub.


Im sorry to say man. What ive heard from guys that did little japan with her
… she quit. She still have gleam club but dunno how long. They do have a discord though. Maybe try from there?


I did both discord and here - waiting for some news.

I’m pretty sure I saw her beacon smoking a few months ago but then it was all high flames again, so herself or someone with permissions made sure there is fuel.

She owns quite large bits in a few Aquarius Hubs, so someone most likely takes care of refueling them beacons and keeps an eye on things.


Ye think its a visual bug that gleam club has.
Think its always when it starts it “new loop”


yeah, possible

however I heard about her not playing a few months ago when I inquired about remodeling that Lasaina Hub where roads in her plots are not finished, and GC can only go, what?, half a year max? so…


Didnt knew there was a limit for that.

But ye hope you find someone to check on those roads


thanks a lot!