Looking to Build with Friends!

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Hi friends!

I am looking to help my brother look for some friends to help build with his themed area! He is doing a Wild-West theme set of builds, with buildings inspired from Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption and Lego sets. He is looking for some builders who love themed builds to try their hand at the Wild West! There is plenty of space to build with us and him.

If you are interested, please let me know, or message my brother on Discord:


[He doesn’t have a forum account on here I don’t think]

However, an older thread I created for him here:

He would love some friends to build with over there. :slight_smile: [This is part of GlitchWorld]


That’s an awesome idea! If I wasn’t busy enough as it is I would totally be up for this, love building to a theme :slight_smile:

Hope your brother finds some like minded builders! :smiley:


:flushed: You don’t have a corner saloon yet! I feel like I have to build one. Thing is, I’m super busy and late on 2 builds I promised other people. I will definitely try to sort some stuff out though and make this happen- the ideas are swirling already.

I’ll swing by Glitchworld soon and get the lay of the land and go from there!


Feel free to reach out when you wanna get a tour! I’m on every night. I really should update some pictures of the area. There has been SO much since I started those pics.

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Cool :blush: I did a little bit of Wild West for a custom shop at DKMall, it’s shop E0 I believe. Feel free to steal ideas :blush:

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I just updated pictures of the build area, :smiley: And I will let him know DK!

He should use trampoline blocks for the wagon :blush:


I will for sure make the suggestion!

where is it? Coords and planet? I’ll make the corner saloon!


This is Refgar, In GlitchWorld, We have so many ways to get to us, Through Ultima, we are the Planetary Portal for Refgar-- then head south through Lil Asia and make a sharp left toward the East to travel back in time and mosey across the pond where you’ll find some good Country Living.

Or use TNT, Also the Planetary Hub for the planet Refgar. Same directions.

We have Portal Seekers, TARDIS, Illuminaughty Hunt Hub, La Famillia, TNT, Ultima, – If you can find Death101’s shop you can find our area.

We would love to have more friends!! :smiley:

so death 101’s shop has a direct portal there?

To our City yes~!

I do in fact have a account on here!


I couldn’t remember if you did or not! Now I know!

This is my Brother who is building the Wild West!

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