Looking to Buy Bitter Beans around 60 a piece any takers?


Looking to Buy Bitter Beans around 60 a peice any takers?


They are hard to get, I put a request basket at 100c and got almost none in a week so I’m not sure where the current retails price should be for those, a shop is selling them 80c in new leyden market but always sold out unfortunately.


what msa said - have similar prices to buy and got maybe 50-60 in one week, so not very likely someone will sell for 60


intresting we found a couple for 95 if you guys are really having problems at 100


95>60 - that’s the point; my price is below 100 but close enough (around 85-90, can’t remember now, so if people gathering bitter beans can sell for close to 100 or full 100 then it’s not very likely they will sell to someone for 60)


just seeing if someone had a ton we got what we needed


Any luck finding them? We could use a hookup next door


we wish, we got a couple for 60 in request but other than that we bought out a place at 85


Bricka Brack #77 Gyosha mall has them at 95 I just farmed 200 some.