Looking To Buy Burnt Leaves

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I need an amount of black leaves. Maybe like 50. Leafy meteors dont happen often enough to get that many so I doubt anyone has that many but i thought id ask cause I really need it for a decor idea. I will pay an amount. We will discuss. So if anyone can help me that would be word


I have a few I was just going to throw away just set a basket up and whatever you want to pay and I will drop them off sometime this weekend. Post your location on here aswell.


Ya i have a bunch of brown and dark leaves that i could sell/trade you. Hit me up at the end of the event and you can have it all…
I have gotten a lot of leaf ones going solo


Word ive set up a basket at my shop in the Waterfront Outlets shop B4. You can get here from pure level 2 shops or ultima on that ground floor across from gyosha mall portal. Its on Minorengle. Ive got it set to black leaves only but i may set up a couple others for like maybe dark turquiose or something