Looking to buy gleambow sand

Looking to buy 12 pieces of sand in the colors of Shadow Red, Strong Cobalt, Deep Viridian and Luminous Yellow. Let me know a price!

Anyone got stores with these?

How much is each piece of sand worth to you in those colours?

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2c each for sand :slight_smile:

2c each for Luminous Yellow sand? I would quote a line from the movie ‘The Castle’, but doubt that you have seen it :joy:

But if you are selling it at that price, I will gladly take it off your hands after OP gets their 12 pieces.

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(otpost) Econo your dog is cute AF (/otpost)
Yeah I buy normal sand for 1c hehe

I don’t have a specific price, the event is going on now and I don’t know if I will get them, that’s why I asked for people to give me a price they are looking for.

Tell him he’s dreaming

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Indeed, I buy normal coloured sand for 1c each too. Just assumed that rare sought after colours may fetch a bit more than 2c each.

Thanks, she was a great dog, miss her dearly


Aww 10 char
Was she econo?

No, she was Coco. Econodog has been my gamer tag for a long time, it references something I used to do with an Australian band called Powderfinger.

I harvested some gleam sand tonight that was left behind on completed meteors. I will check what they were when I wake up if you still need them.

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I am sorry, but I didn’t get any of those. Cobalts and yellows, but not the ones you need. I will let you know if that changes.

I might have some, but I probably can’t be on until Tuesday really, so if you find it before then all good, I wouldn’t charge more than 10c each myself, but only because I liked a couple of those colors and thought about making some concrete with them.

Or rocks or gravel so you can up your chances??

After all we can crush rocks into gravel and gravel into sand these days!

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