Looking to buy stock for my upcoming food and brew store

(Just a warning that I’ll be sleeping after posting this, so I’ll likely only be able to get back on the game in around 7-9 hours)
It looks like my supplier for food and brews won’t be able to provide much food for a few weeks and no brews until awhile after that, so I’m looking to buy some more stuff to fill in my shop stands for when it officially opens. I have all brews, foods, and farm supplies roughly priced for now, so I’m just in need of stock as I don’t want to open just for people to find all the shop stands only have 1-15 of each food on them.

I’d like to buy around 30-50 of every food and 10-20 of every brew from someone, depending on how cheap the items are. I have 20k on me, something like 300k in my shared banked money with my friend, and a few thousand gleam sacs, so I should have way more than enough to pay, but I still hope to not get ripped off.

Also a bonus thing for anyone interested: There’s a farm supply section to my shop that I’d also like to stock up a bit in, though it’s not super important as it likely won’t be my main source of income, but if you have any very cheap seeds, dirt, peat, clay, compact peat, compact silt, compact clay, compact copper, thorns, leaves, etc that farm setups require, I’d likely be interested in buying them from you.

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I’m awake now if anyone is interested at all yet. Even if you only have one type of food or a few types of food, that’s entirely fine and I could buy from you if the price is reasonable. It’d likely still be much preferable to using the trade tracker and having go through a dozen portals just to need to walk 1km for half the foods.

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