Looking to come back, what to do, where to go?

Hey there folks, I’m looking to come back to the game after 2 years, (not that I ever achieved much when I was playing last time) but I have no idea what to do or where to go. I’d love to get involved in some stuff & some communities, maybe get a small shop open up but any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’ve forgotten most of the game!


It might be worth your time starting a new character to refamiliarise yourself with the game by going through the tutorials. Welcome back!

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Welcome back!
Suggestions only : Things I did after a recent return after a 2 yr + hiatus

As suggested … start a new character.
Go slowly. Start small.
There are a few new things (was to me anyway) that take some serious
mat hunting.

Find a few new friends. I did. It’s lovely to stop and chatter with people occasionally. Or find out what they’re doing.

Join a guild. If not for the feeling of community, but to have ask questions.
Remember there’s also guild buffs, several really large guilds offer those.

Join discord. Even if you don’t talk, you have TONS to read.
And if you do have a question, there is bound to be someone who will reply in a reasonable amount of time.

One resource I was shown that has been invaluable as far as time spent hunting down things to purchase is Boundlexx, If you’re not already familiar with it.
Online app. Search worlds, items, recipes, COLORS!
It’s pretty good about being current on SOV planet colors.

And lastly, I’ve been spending time reading here in the forums.
If you can think of the question, someone along the line has probably asked it.

Above all. Have fun. I was about to wander off again recently but talked myself into finding things I enjoy doing to offset the inevitable grind.
It’s not a race. It’s a place to give your inner artist a place to run free.

Happy Bounding!


Love this site it has several tabs for different things
and i would imagine you are familiar with
Lots of stuff here in the forums and discords

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welcome back!