Looking to help new or old players

I’m at a bit of an impasse at the moment, and always enjoy helping others when i get stuck in this place, as it gives me some sense of achievement/usefulness.

That being said I am offering myself up in the Boundless universe to help you or your guild with whatever they are working on at the moment:

  • Got some request baskets that are not filling up fast enough?

  • Need a hand prepping an area for a build?

  • Need lots of a certain colour item collected?

  • Need a hand crafting a load of items?

  • Etc, Etc, Just ask…


Welll uhhh, i would really like to get my request baskets filled. They are for my current forging endevour. However they are not the best price (hence why they dont get filled i guess)

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where are they, ill take a look…

Panda macht nomnomnom/Bärenhöhle on Gellis in the pandas Head. its reachable through gtg gellis number 3, tnt gellis der Panda, tnt megahub-> panda loves tanuki -> der Panda

I got a job for you Samski for a reward of course you can help me with rock farming , I need 3 million cool red rock farmed, hammers supplied!

Hows 25k coins per filled gleam chest :thinking:
There’s roughly 50 gleam chests to fill still

Filled most the baskets :slight_smile:

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Sounds good to me!, I have the speed brews and starberry pies. What planet, and how/when shall I grab the hammers?

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speed brews are being supplied also the hammers, you can come see me at Raxxian Sanctuary
and I will sort the access and everything for you!

ill come find you now…

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Thank god Host doesn’t own a mining company here on Earth… I fear we wouldn’t have a planet left.


Thanks alot :black_heart:

Ye need couple million coins mate. Thx For advance

what do you need the coin for?

Materials For a build.
As i am Father For 5 i got no time To grind the mats sadly.


Your right, its part if the fun and very kind or you :slight_smile: so if you Côme across some shadow color ices, i Will be happy to Do bisness with you :wink:

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Hey guys (: i started the game with some friends a couple days ago we really are having a blast , i was wondering if there was any armor/clothing ingame exept form the mask being sold with cubits ? I see video on youtube with people wearing different clothes from the starter rag we have


The game has had some changes and some of the videos on the web use an older engine, with different character models.

What you see in game is all there is, for now.

Thanks for yhe reply (:

Another question what is the amounts of cubits earnable F2P wise per character ingame ?

Those clothes are on characters from Early Access. Those are not available anymore. It was said that the character models aren’t compatible with the current version of the game.

Each character can effectively earn unlimited cubits. It just depends upon your patience. There is no level cap. There are players out there who are over level 1000, with tens or hundreds of thousands of cubits.

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