Looking to hire a couple miners, nooblets prefered


I need Iron ore and stone. I’ve got a huge build in mind and need more than I can imagine.

My Offer: I provide a 3x3 T6 hammer + extras. You go mining your T6 planet for Gems and whatever else you want to find. You give me all the Iron Ore and Rocks you end up collecting. You keep everything else (gems, tech, fossils, coal, etc.)

Plop down a beacon next to my build on Sorissi. Give me permissions. It’ll be lined with storage blocks. I’ll leave the hammers, foods, etc. in the storage. You can drop off the rocks and ore. If you want another hammer, let me know. I can provide a chrysominter if you need one. Make some spare coin while digging holes!

If you think it’s a fair deal, drop by my shop, drop me a message, drop a plot.
I’m located in Sorissi, through the PS Hub in Biitula. Top floor, “Niede Pawn Shop”. Just down the road from “Mom and Pops”. I’m at work, so I can’t get coods atm.

Shop is empty as I’m retiring from keeping a shop! If you think you might want my place, let me know! I hate seeing it regen, but I’m nearly ready to move to Delta Cancret and would like the plots for there.


I would absolutely do this and would also inherit your space on Sorissi.


I’d be quite happy to give this a go


I’m interested in this contract, explain me where I leave storage blocks and start working in the mines today


OK. I think I have enough Oortians! I’ll be in touch to hash out details.


If anyone backs out on you hit me up. This is exactly what I have been looking for to speed up my leveling / progression. Need to get some tech and mats from the higher worlds as well as some XP on my gathering character.