Looking to hire a experienced miner

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Looking to hire an experienced miner to mine gold and copper

Needing 80 stacks or gold and 80 of copper
Willing to pay handsomely!

Please message me if you are interested:)

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This might be for you

1200 hours of diggy diggy hole is enough for me atm…add in being flagged on posts for asking for help…I am kinda boundless’d out atm :frowning: Thousands of hours to help a community where I am not appreciated or am mocked . I am staying away for good reason.


Maybe then a job for @Balkinus

No, sorry, but since I don’t speak English and have had very bad experiences with such so-called orders.

I think there are enough shops where you could buy it.


People have a tendency to abuse the flagged button on this forum and use it as a downvote button instead. Just ignore it.

Well happy to agree on rate and so on :slight_smile: it’s a large order so I understand:)

Happy to also buy it in my request basket at dk mall :slight_smile: hunters lodge .