Looking to hire hunters

I’ll provide high end custom forged weapons, you do your thing, we split the take.

Send a me msg if youre interested.

what kind of contract do you offer, I’m looking to earn coins, the rest does not interest me, if you give me a sling, I’ll hunt on t5 and t6 alone, if you offer good salary and half of the oort that I get, I can be interested, the rest give the animals will be yours as well as everything that is not oort, which I repeat would be half

I would be down for working for some oortstone

I’m on GMT time zone but I’m on mostly all day.

Yeah i was thinking about half, of both oort and creature mats, unless you really dont want em then of course ill take em.

I only want a salary of coins and half of the oort, the rest will be yours, that you offer me?

I have no idea off the top of my head about what a salary might be worth, its kinda hard to put an exact value on something that isnt at all exact. But let me have a think about it and ill get back to you.

@karakavra @LiamT666 do you have discord? We can add you to our server to discuss a deal

Genius! Haha

do not value the material, only value the time invested to hunt per hour, how much would you pay to a hunter for one hour of hunting, without counting the material, only half of the oort is left, the rest is yours, you earn by watching it where you look, just calculate what you would pay for an hour of hunting without knowing what you’re going to get, invite me to the discord

I am in the discord of legendvalle, ultima and boundlees network

Yeah sorry thats probably a bit too official for me, im not looking for anything that locks anyone in, including myself. More a mutually beneficial partnership. Once we start laying down specific terms someone will disagree with something eventually and it wont be fun anymore. But thanks for the offer.

All of TNT should join us on a hunt sometime. All together 1 hunt the mats should last awhile. I have been getting around 15 hopper cores a hunt.

Now with extra skill sets your hunter is just a click away.

Yeah we should. And we do hunt a fair bit, but theres never enough mats