Looking to hire some farmers for black and white wood. 5500 per stack of white, 9000 per stack of black

Looking for exo wood

Paying 5500 per stack of white and 9000 per stack of black (since the black is a pain). That’s 10c per black wood!

I want 20-30 stacks of each.


I’m good with 3 rows from an inventory of black logs :grin:

Hm ok how about for 5500 a stack, any takers?

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Do you know/have good locations to farm this on the exos?

Not myself but I know there are a bunch of locations at porkchop’s and at exo shuttle. I’m sure some people here have decent locations.

sorry to say it but
there is no decent black wood trees at current exo,
only those crappy trees, annoying to farm

Yuck indeed :blush:

I have a “decent” spot for black wood. Will post it in a moment

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Updating with higher price for black

12 hours left!

This one gives you around 150 per bomb

how do you get 150 from a single tree? or are there many trees? (i assume by bomb you mean regen bomb?)

Yes regen, there are 3 trees very close to each other.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT : I found a similar spot around -1177N -71E ALT 175 if yours is occupied.
5-6 big trees like that but they are on cliff edges.


@ DKPuncherello how much stack of black wood do you still want?

That area has a couple of similar spots but like you said they are on cliff edges.
With max reach and jump epic It may not be a problem tho

20 stacks if you’re down. Or however much you want to chop :blush:

I’ll take you up on some of that. I’m not on right away but will get it to you

I will gather 10 stacks if that’s ok. Just tell me do i dont gather them for nothing :slight_smile:


Gathering black wood is pretty much never for nothing :+1:

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