Looking to hire someone to make a spreadsheet. Noobs welcome 😊

Hi! I need someone to make a spreadsheet of what I have (and don’t have) in my natural blocks collection.

Noobs welcome :blush:

Not sure what to pay for it. Happy to pay per hour.

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I would suggest anyone to go see the selection he is talking about, it’s quite an impressive sight, to say the least!

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what blocks you mean with natural ?

i like to make spreedsheets, deepending on the amount you have and what you want i can help you

example from my last public sheet

i have some more sheets but most not public :grin:

It’s under row C of the mall, entrance is in the mall lobby. Come check it out!

you mean this crazy lines you build some days ago XD

I can make you a google sheet no problem but fill it with data (~2-3k blocks round about I think) is such a boring work and cost a lot time
you must pay real good for such a boring work :joy: otherwise I can better go mining in this time :wink:

for pricing and more contact me via discord/pm/ingame (Saint#3922 / IG: Saint-X)