Loosing all items on death :(

Ok I really want to play this but the whole loosing everything on death just makes me not want to even try…and also have a question…is there no third person view…it just seems like there needs to be since you do get to pick out different racces…but I am going to continue to watch the progress of this game because it looks so good and I really wanna play it so bad…well if anyone has any answers to my question thanks in advance for helping me out :smile:

there is a third person view just press F, and they plan for it to be so you love your iventory but you keep you hot bar, Equipped items and anything thats in your pouch

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You can also set your spawn location to where you are in the pause menu. I’d advise you to set that at where ever you set your home so if you die there you can regain all of your inventory items.

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Losing items on death is the status quo even in MC. Risk of loss puts value into not dying and hence makes the players want to live which makes playing more thrilling.

I expect that there will be creative modes for worlds not directly connected to the MMO where there is no death at all.

The main problem with loss now is that we don’t have containers with stock piles of replacement items, so we have to remake everything. However, use ‘i’ to get infinite items. :wink:


Thanx for all the feedback on this it helps alot…as soon as I can get the extra money im getting this for sure :slight_smile:


In addition to what @Kerpie said, you can also press C and it’ll put you in a different direction of the third person perspective

/gamerule keepinventory true

But to be more serious; Minecraft has always had a VERY simple way to regain lost health
you eat
While in the past it was more direct eating=health and now you eat to keep up your hunger bar which in turn enables health regen the simple, intuitive nature of it cannot be stressed enough
what Oort has is, unfortunately, not simple OR intuitive

I agree that it needs improvement, but I also figured it was a feature that was not created yet.

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My understanding is that the health system was not even really fleshed out till about the time the first critter was added, and lots of health mechanics have been added but are not integrated just yet (ie health consumables or shoot-to-heal.) The heal block is just a temporary solution.