Loosing guild members glitch

We have characters who keep getting kicked from our guild. They are not being removed by the directors/execs. They are actually directors and execs themselves but everytime we get on today we have to rejoin and then reaccept the invites. We have lost our guild buffs on those characters and are unable to earn our endeavour.

Thought it was fixed. I went all day yesterday without getting kicked but i get on today and 4 of my characters have been kicked again.

Same!! I had to make a whole new guild the first time, and its happened again! I haven’t even heard back from anyone the first time it happened smh.

The day after it started we were able to stay in the guild all day, but then were out again the next day. My brother kept blue screening on day one and my husband kept getting the message that the didn’t have permissions on his own world.

When I made a new guild, it was all good for about a week, except for one user. He had to rejoin so many times he gave up and moved away from my settlement. This time, I had just reactivated my guild buffs, a player had generously donated 50k, and its just like dang… its all replaceable/rebuildable, just super frustrating to say the least.

It’s very frustrating,especially when we spend about 320,000 coins each week on buffs and half of our characters lose those buffs the day after reset because they are kicked out for logging off.

I honestly and truly hope it doesn’t happen to TNT or Aquatopia or those huge guilds with the portal hubs that everyone uses to be as social as we are. If they get affected its only a matter of time before the portals all run outta juice!

I hope they get it fixed soon.

Yea just made a new alt and this seems to be an issue with it. The only guild I seem to be staying I but not able to set as primary is my own. If I repeatedly leave and join a guild I can set it as primary but it will be removed as soon as I log off.

@james @Leahlemoncakes @vdragon Any thoughts?

Well our characters are staying in the guild at the moment, but we reset our buffs this morning and the characters who kept getting kicked do not have the buffs. They are only in one guild.

They may need to rejoin the guild to make sure everything was registered correct and their primary guild is correctly set.

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