Loot drop PvP, VOIP + PvP related issues, @Devs - Please Read

Feel free to come here forums time to time and suggest something as it would be kinda sad to lose you for over half year or for permanently.

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Yeah, early access isn’t for everybody. Buy it when you’re ready.

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I’m all for early access, it’s just there isn’t pvp, player models, and items I can steal from players. As I said in my original post every single game I listed in still in early alpha. It’s just after 1 year I’m not going to lie the progress is not what I think it should be at.

Expect me if the game progresses.


To make best cake, you need to have slow pace or something will get rushed in cake. Everything works when it is added to game so no game crashes nor game breaking bugs so far.

Remember that Wonderstruck team starts to develop new features once they get funded so reason for 1 year development isn´t that devs can´t make this game, but time that it takes to get enough money funded for that new feature. We´re slowly moving forward as most of the people are waiting full game to be released and then buy it, not like us who have bought it in advance in order to get new features and help team in making it.


Most important it is to note that they are mostly putting down groundwork for comming features.