Loot drop PvP, VOIP + PvP related issues, @Devs - Please Read

I’m really close to buying this game, I’d like to know of some of the features are going to be implemented in the game.

  • Loot Drop PvP (kill a person for their items)
  • VOIP (Voice IP, in-game talking)
  • Bases that can be raided/looted.

I play a lot of survival games, such as, H1Z1, DayZ, Rust, Reign Of Kings, 7 Days To Die, and Minecraft PvP on high populated servers. All of these games have features that I and many others need to enjoy these type of “survival games”, that being the most important of all, loot drop PvP and the ability of raiding someones base to loot and steal all their items.

The only game that does not have VOIP (in game voice/mic communication) is Minecraft, I don’t think this game NEEDS VOIP but it definitely makes the game a lot better.

What I’m basically saying is that I like to play these type of games as a outlaw/bandit, I like to kill players and steal their loot, I like to find out where they live and raid their base and steal all there loot, this makes games like this really fun for us that love PvP. Even those who decide to play “the good guy” need us “outlaw/bandit” players because we become a mission/quest for them to band together and destroy/eradicate players like me.

Off Topic:

I have some concerns about development that I’d like either a developer or someone with the knowledge to clarify some things for me.

I see on the front page that as of 4/25/2015 only $292,847 dollars have been raised and the next feature that is being payed for is “creatures”. If the goal of $300,000 dollars is not met and the $7,153 dollars needed to reach this goal are not met does this mean that creatures will not be implemented? Is it safe to assume this? What about all the other features like guilds, titans, economy, and farming?

It would be great if a developer could address these issues me and 8 of my friends would really like to know the answer to all these questions before we buy this game that looks very promising.




There is still discussion about how PvP and looting will work, but I’m pretty sure there will be separate worlds for PvP and PvE.

For your off-topic question, all features being funded are simply something to make a goal towards. They still develop features currently being funded (ex. they just released the first animal on Wednesday), but the goal-based funding is just to give more structure to development, and what should come first, etc.

I’m a pvper too, but I think beacons will protect players from raiding. Also, any un-beaconed strucures will degrade away, so no hidden basses. I don’t Know for certain about separate worlds for pvp, but I do know private rented worlds will be modable and may be made into pvp realms like MC. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the response, to both of you.

When I made this post I thought the game had just come out but it’s already been out for a 1 year, it kind of worries me that items aren’t in the game yet and everyone is still just a big square and their isn’t much to do but mindlessly build at the moment after 1 whole year.

Let’s be honest here, is development slow?


To clarify, the game has been in development for a while; it is not “out” yet. The official launch won’t be until later this year.

Yeah, 1 year is not a lot of time to develop an mmorpg from nothing. Just saying.

The game is in Alpha, which is stated VERY CLEARLY and up front both on Steam and on the Oort Online website :unamused:

Also the ever compared to Minecraft was available to play as early as May 2009, was “officially releaced” in November 2011 and It remains in development to this day

While he is being sceptical, it does not mean I am neither. Yet, it is not supposed to question the motives of the developers and their aim to create an entertaining game. I can’t answer @LeonidasMaximus 's questions. They are too thought provoxling gor me, and I have legs of budda atm.

@drthmik - I understand very well this game is in alpha, as I stated above in my original post you will notice every single game I listed either is currently a early access alpha or a fully released game (Minecraft being the only fully released game) that was once a early access game.

What troubles me is the fact that after 1 year critical things such as items and races have yet to be implemented and the only things from what I’ve seen that have been implemented are things like making the textures on some of the blocks better and various other things.

I’d also like to know how exactly PvP is going to be in this game, for me it’s a big deal to be able to PK someone and have the ability to steal their loot upon their death, and also the possibility to be able to raid their base and steal their things. Every person who loves PvP in survival games will want those two core issues to be addressed before even purchasing the early access of this game.

Me bringing up the fact that development from a outsiders view in is slow does not mean I don’t think they will finish the game, I think they will it’s just taking for ever … I mean I found out about this game just today and I was like “WoW! What a great game! I don’t mind I’m this big purple square looks fun! I hope PvP is exactly how expect it is on all other survival games! Oh … wait … this game has been out for 1 year … wait we still don’t even have 1 simple model? … Oh no …”

I’d like the PvP issue to be addressed, as a outsider looking in and realizing this game has been out for 1 year and people are still big purple squares, seems … worry-sum…

@Havok40k - 1 year is more then enough for at least one simple character model and a set of armor. Especially how big their development team is that is as big as H1Z1’s development team.


Developed by Sony Online Entertainment? The company with a net worth of roughly $18,600,000,000? 18.6 BILLION. Yeah, I’m going to say they have a tad bit of an advantage when it comes to game development… Comparing a massive studio like SOE to an indie studio like Wonderstruck is like comparing me to Bill Gates.

But that’s irrelevant. You’re concern about the game’s funding is not off base, and I understand where you’re coming from. I suggest you read this FAQ from the steam community page, it should answer your questions and maybe some you have not asked yet.

"When is Oort Online 1.0 coming out?"
We’re expecting to release the 1.0 version of Oort Online (polished and balanced features, art, sounds, interfaces) between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016. We’ll post our progress onoortonline.com

"Will I get access at 1.0 if I buy today?"
Yes! When the game transitions from Early Access you’ll own the full 1.0 version of Oort Online.

"When is [feature name] coming?"
We post regularly to our Dev Blog (oortonline.com) and Twitter (twitter.com/oortonline)about upcoming features. If you’re a backer or Steam player you’ll be sent surveys periodically that lets you vote on what’s coming next.

"Will I get access to vote on features if I buy through Steam?"
Yes! When you first play the game you’ll create an Oort Online account. We use that to contact you when a new vote is sent out.

"How do we know you won’t disappear like [insert name of failed crowdfunded game here]"
We chose to build Oort Online in chunks (illustrated in the Funding section onoortonline.com). We did this so we knew we’d be able to deliver what we funded. It also allows us to raise the funds we need to make the game over months, not 30 days like a Kickstarter campaign. Before we even launched the pre-alpha we spent nearly a year building the foundation for the game so we could fund fun features, not boring foundational code. Most importantly, this isn’t our first game. We’ve worked on lots of AAA games (from Fable II to Spore), managed budgets and we know how to make great games! Every penny we receive will go into making Oort Online the best it can be.

"Why is the game $35?"
At Wonderstruck we’re working super hard to delivering features and updates, there’s about 15 of us on the core team working full time. Oort Online is an MMO without a subscription fee. We don’t charge for servers, you play on them for free once you own a copy. In the early access phase you’re not just buying the game, you’re getting access to the development process. You can give us your thoughts / feedback and vote on what we work on next – your opinion matters. We believe this justifies the cost, although we realise early access isn’t for everyone. If it’s not for you now, we hope to see you at launch!

"Is Oort Online going to be free-to-play or subscription based?"
No. Oort Online is a simple ‘buy to play’ game. We’re planning on allowing players to subscribe to their own world (see below) but they’ll be entirely optional.

"I want to play only with friends. Can I rent my own world?"
In the future we’re planning to allow players to subscribe to their own private world (for $ per month) with controls over who can and can’t access it.

"Is Oort Online coming to [platform name]?"
If you’re interested in seeing Oort Online on other platforms, be sure to let us know which ones you most like to play on. If there’s a lot of demand, we’ll take a look (eg: Linux support).

”How do I request a Beacon?”
We’ll be giving players the ability to create their own Beacons soon, but if you really can’t wait email oortonline@turbulenz.com with the co-ordinates you’d like it at, world name, size in blocks, your username and the username of the people you want to have access to build within it.

”How do I request a Portal?”
Like Beacons, we’ll be giving players the ability to create their own Portals in the future. If you’ve found a place that you’d like to connect with a Portal emailoortonline@turbulenz.com with the co-ordinates and world name for the entrance, and the co-ordinates and world name for the exit.

"I’ve found a bug!"
Post to the Official Bug Thread here!(http://steamcommunity.com/app/324510/discussions/0/624075036522993603/). If you’re really, really stuck email oortonline@turbulenz.com

"How can I donate more to the project?"
If you really love Oort Online there’s lots of options with associated backer rewards over on oortonline.com
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+havok40k - SoE has about 15 developers on H1Z1, also did massive lay offs.

Thanks for linking me that Q & A.

I’d like to know what’s up with PvP.


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Hmmm… i can answer your questions, but you are going to accept that oort online is a bit more casual friendly, teamwork based mmorpg ish. more than the DayZ ''shoot anybody on sight

For the pvp it is being discussed, but i think the general idea atm is that some worlds will be pvp and some will be pve. the drop on death is as put above me by the dev

VoIP have been discussed a bit, but atm it is not sure if we will get it, its a bit for an against to be honest, so only time will tell.

the ‘‘bases’’ are the beacons people made, there have been a huuuge discussion if we should be able to take over beacons of other players as a sort of siege mechanic (personally i am against it) but the answer would most likely be no

Your problem mate is that you see this game as ‘‘just another minecraft survival clone’’ it is not. it is not a survival game, it is a voxel based mmorpg.

given the things you wrote i dont think you should buy it. because you want this game to be something it isnt :slight_smile:

I dont know what to say about this discourse : | Its not suppoesed to be funny, right? I like the idea of chosing a game because it has a block as main char. COol. And I can understand the overwhelming need for more creatures. Yes.
I don’t know how to thrust the development process. Still what has been aquired in one year rocks a rock to stone.
I’m enthralled by the the oncoming development process of creatures. How they will be animated, what colors they choose, and so on. It’s really exciting.

as for the ‘‘slow progress’’ let me summarize some of the things that have come within the last 1½ month.

Crafting, Retexture for all blocks in the game, Steps, Slabs, Walls, Ember and heal block, New natural block types. 15 new types of gleam. New texture blends between natural blocks, Doors, Hatches. First prototype creature which can attack the player in case you attack it, Bow and Arrow which can be used for hunting said creature and can be used in pvp arenas. An entirely new grass system allowing all types of grass to be on all types of dirt blocks, Wrapped world system is implemented in world builder along with other changes.
Bug fixes and other improvements.


+Zouls - Thanks for all the information you’ve given me, as of now I’ll just sit on the sideline and keep an eye on this game along side with all the people I play with.

I hope there are some PvP servers.


there will be pvp, without a doubt, this is info from a survey.

so 35% for opt in pvp and 47% for seperate pvp and pve worlds.

i understand you though, pvp is quite nice. also the sense of always being able to be killed. so as mentioned you could take the mats from the player, but he wont drop gear or currency like they would do in a normal ‘‘survival’’ game.

Give a shoutout if you decide to buy the game, it is always nice to get more people into the game :smiley:

Thanks for the info.

No problem. feel free to message me in case you have any other questions about the game, i will answer to the best of my ability :smile:

Oort is currently in Alpha stage like you said so we currently have like “demo” or test version that we can play, try new features and then recommend new features/fixes here, so don´t worry, game will not stay like this for eternity.

Week by week we are gathering ideas and fine-tuning them here at forums and developers have really close relationship with us players plus listen our ideas. Maybe slowly, but steadily we are getting new, working features in game so if you´re enjoying current looks and ideas how game will eventually look, I don´t see getting it already as bad idea. Of course you could wait some time and then come check again how things are moving forward and for the way you wanted. Just remember that official launch will be later of this year.


They have a lot of work to do if it’s going to be released later this year, I’ll definitely be sitting on the side line looking to see if it progresses as it should or towards a direction I’d like it to. I don’t mind paying full price if everything falls in order to what I’d like in this game.


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