Loot Griefing Protection?

When replying to another post, another though struck me … I’m just wondering if there will be any form of loot griefing protection within the final game. I think this is a must in the long run as, once the worlds become more populous, some will inevitably try to exploit times you may be in combat, and potentially just stand around and wait for any loot to drop to try and steal it away from you.

With that in mind, I would like to see something similar to the system implemented in WoW, where, once you engage a creature/enemy, if effectively becomes tagged by you (or your group) so that, whilst it can still be attacked by others, anything dropped could only be seen and be picked up by you (or by someone else in your group).

Of course, any attack on a creature which is subsequently abandoned would need to be ‘detagged’ after a certain amount of time so that others could benefit then from the killing it and receiving any dropped items.


I’m not sure about the system you suggested, but I agree that some sort of protection against loot griefing should be ingame.
Is this the official term? Loot griefing?^^

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Unsurprisingly @Zouls is very well repressented again :slight_smile:


Thats cause i make sure to think of potential problems a long time before they happen :smile:


Well… now I’m just embarrassed that I didn’t search beyond the word ‘Griefing’!