AOE loot, yes/no?

Most games now a days have started doing aoe loot, which means that every dead enemy that is lootable within a certain radius will be lootable when you just pick one of them. so say there are 5 dead enemies all with loot, i can pick 1 of them and then loot everything.

which is great in my eyes, but some might feel like it might be immersion breaking, what do you say? yes? no? make it an option you can have on and off?

this is assuming we get the standard loot window and not just an explosion of materials whenever we kill a creature. maybe you would rather like that? xD

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I think it should just drop it, because if you are in a huge battle you dont want to be looting everyone mid-battle.

I would rather the minecraft way items drop, maybe require the player to mouse over the item to pick it up? That would add a bit of realism.

wont it be insanely hard to grab 1 thing without grapping a load of junk you dont want though? also nobody should ever be looting in a battle either way xD


Can you skin creatures in MC as a profession or do they just drop skin when you kill them automatically?

No, if you walk over it you just get it.

seems like that could get messy real fast, but it is a possibility, as long as its not autoloot i guess.

I don’t want the loot flying around like in MC or simillar, but the ability to loot more enemies at once (if you have the rights trough killing) with a summed up loot window would be a good option. please no auto pickup ^^

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Maybe if its an item that doesn’t have a profession associated with harvesting it, such as a held item, then it will drop. Otherwise the character will have to use the profession related skill on the corpse to get the items.

point being if i skinned the creature would it then float out for anybody to loot? same with suggest MC loot system, if we were 30 people that fought in 1 area with a ton of enemies wouldnt that be 1 of 2 scenarios

  1. everybody can loot all of the drops and there is massive ninjaloot
  2. everybody can only loot their own items but see everybody elses too and dont know which is theirs before they try to pick it up. making it frustrating since only 1/30th is yours?

Or maybe all loot would be instanced, which always felt kind of cheap to me, but it is a possiblity.

If all items drop, have an option to choose what to pick up…

You can use a list of check boxes

quest items

Have what you want selected and when you walk over the pile it will auto grab only what was selected
The carcass should be harvestable but only with the right kind of skill
EXP should be rewarded 50% for most dmg, 20% killing blow, 10% for hitting

We will have to harvest the titans so why not everything else?

again is that instanced loot, ninjaloot, or bound loot?

It can be bound to whoever dose the killing blow for 60 seconds than any1 can pick it up… Just have to watch for ks. Or bound to a party of whoever kills it so some1 else can wory about items while others do the killing.

not only for titans, but normal creatures as well?

so if they are 30 people fighting then all of the loot will be bound until the battle is over and then its all ninjaloot anyways?

This is why I suggest most things drop and be ninja loot while the carcass be bound to the killing blow as a reward for killing it.

limited bound items… hmm… that actually a really good solution, except for the ks part when you do that you dont enjoy seeing other players, you get annoyed, ever heard of tagging creatures?

As in 1st hit gets the loot or just rights to harvest carcass?

Yes. precisely. not the most elegant system but both things would lead to the same, you hate players coming to move around you, if you can ks another persons loot it will be grieved, if you can take all drops, it will be grieved, thats quite horrible… guess that is why instanced loot is so popular.

Maybe if you tagged the creature and they die, a small beacon light will show you can harvest the carcass
Blue light will mean it’s exclusive to you for 60 seconds and red means any1 can harvest… This way you don’t click every carcass to see if you can harvest it or not…

Titans should have a massive amount to harvest so lets say enough for the 1st 30 to harvest once