How would looting work?

seems my last post steared into this argument so decided to pull it over.

so i will mention a few and we can continue the discussion here.

  1. tag loot, meaning the person who attacked it first gets the loot
  2. everybody can loot everything so when you kill a creature everybody can loot it
  3. instanced loot, only you can see your loot and nobody else can loot it
  4. bound time loot, let them be only be picked up by the person who tagged it for 60 or 120 seconds and then after that everybody can take it (this was suggested by another person)

then there is if it should be the standard loot menu or the lootsplosion we have now where everything just drops and get automatically picked up.

then there is discussion if the loot is instanced then should everybody who attack the creature get the loot or only the person who hit it first.

it was suggest that the tagging loot would not to the first attacker but the person who killed it (this system i kinda despise)

if the loot isnt instanced then how would we know which is ours, if we say 30 people kill a horde of enemies at once and there is loot everywhere, it was suggested that a blue beam would go up for your instanced loot and a red beam for all none instanced loot.


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1: Neither the first to strike nor the one to land the final blow, but instead the biggest contributor.

2: I wanna a preview of looting before I try and fix this…

3: This is a considerable option, after all you can share later.

4: If use don’t use it you lose it, seems fair.

instanced loot always just felt cheap to me. its the best possible system i sadly have to admit, but it still feels cheap :confused:

personally i would be in favor of the loot landing on the ground and you can hold shift to get a comparison window up, Borderlands style xD

The second one please…

ever heard of the term ‘‘ninjalooting’’ ? :wink:

I would go with a mix. On normal creatures I would prefer a bound loot (for me personal or for the team, if you go hunting to gather as a party). Of cause there should be a mechanic to auto-distribute it (like if there are 3 people everyone gets his loot every 3rd kill) for random teaming with people you just met. … For titans I would like to have instanced loot, but everyone should get the same share. I don’t like it if there are 10 people hunting for a boss and then only one gets the rare loot everybody wants to have. If the loot table throws out a rare item everyone of the team should get it. … shards or other items which come in numbers of cause have to be shared (so not allways 10 for all, even if you just did it with only 3 ppl instead of 10).

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i disagree with giving the rare item to everybody, cause that kinda removes the idea of rare.
but everybody should be able to have rift shards

i agree on the other things though.

do you think it should be MC all loot on ground or WOW loot menu?

Please no loot flying arround ^^ … I would like to have a menue for it if I click on the corpse or left container … may be a window for all ones in range for speeding things up. I HATE loot flying arround ^^

So if the rare drop is not for all, then take the good old role (in background) … no “master of loot mechanics” please ^^

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good old would be master loot. commonly used in raids for wow.

loot would be set to master only the leader could loot it, that lead to people rolling for the loot personally and he decided if they needed it, problem with a dice roll (even though i want it) is that if there is no classes there arent really restrictions, unless you have specific restrictions of your given mastery then it would suck being 224 sword mastery and not being able to roll for a 225 mastery sword. but if there is no class restrictions then everybody can just roll need.

yeah, sorry, by bad for using the “good old”-words for the not so old … May be on such rare loot we can use the “need or greed” system, but if you chose greed the item is not bound to you after pickup. If you realy need it you should not be able to sell it. If there are recipies to find the game should check if you already have the recipy befor allowing you to go on “need” :wink:


that is actually an amazingly good idea,

@james sorry to summon again but this would be genius if you made a roll system.

making everything gotten from need to be bound to the character
and everything gotten from greed would be bound on equip.

That would only be on tools, weapons and armor right? Which is mostly the kind of super rare loot you would get from monsters/bosses.

I tend to agree that while instanced loot feels cheap, with a Titan (or any boss for that matter) where you can’t solo it, instanced makes the most sense.

Of all other types of looting, I think Bound Timer is the best of all worlds. If someone doesn’t want a drop and leaves it lie, that loot shouldn’t be lost to everyone.

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and recipies … so you cannot just “need” them and sell them to others :wink:


nah the binding roll system should be for everything if there needs to be a roll for (uncommon or higher) lets say equipment, gems, minerals, recipes, anything you can roll for, if you need the item then that wouldnt be a problem anyways.

Hmm would items made from bound ingredients be bound too?

Nope :smile:

the entire point is that they needed the item, for example a crafter who needed a gem to make an accesory that had been requested by another person. but a person who doesnt need it would get the gem and be able to do absolutely nothing with it, since he cant even sell it.

Because then you could actually just need all materials and then make items from them and then sell them.

Weill, I think all stuff that comes in numbers should be shared equally on the team (at least 1 for each player if its something like shards or currencies). The Rolling is only needed for rare stuff in my eyes, and not for every single mat I can find on a cow :wink:

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ofc. rare materials. im just thinking of the gems from wow, they were always uncommon.

the system generally goes with the round robin loot system.