Corpse looting in oort online

well that tile is slighly exagerated but never the less.

the point is how loot will work in the game, there are currently 2 ways it can be done.

realistic drop:
this is kinda the minecraft / swg method, the idea being that when you kill a pig you may get pigbones and skin, same with the other animals, no items, no armor or weapon

It makes alot more sense and is more immersive
It adds the ability to get more creature specific mats for a deeper crafting monster hunter type system.

it is boring for people who wants to kill and not want to trade.
the only way you can get new weapon and armor is by crafting it

Wow drop:

The classic wow drop, where everything from pigs to dragons apparently walks around with copper coins. every creature is basically a walking treasure chest.

it encourages killing stuff because you always have the thought ‘‘i might get a really cool item from the next drop’’
it makes people who dont want to have anything to do with crafting to have fun.

It removes the feel of realism from the game
it will remove some epic things which could be used for crafting and crafters wont have much use of killing mobs or getting their stuff, it would also make crafted items less valuable since people would just get some pretty good stuff from drops anyways



Definitely realistic drops. I love crafting :slight_smile: Rare crafting materials could be sold for a lot of money.

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I think realistic drops, but some enemys could drop their weapons/armor, and you will need to “loot” teh body not just stay over it (like you do in minecraft)

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Realistic loot can still be very interesting. Obviously, killing a pig is not something I want an incentive for. For enemy mobs, yes. But not pigs.

But let’s say there’s a dragon. Realistic loot might dictate that the dragon drops all kinds of mats: dragon tooth, dragon scales, dragon horn, dragon eye, dragon wing, dragon tail, dragon essence, etc. Some of these could be extremely rare.

Sentient enemy mobs could definitely drop weapons and armor realistically. In fact, it would be unrealistic if sentient enemies only dropped coins, but no weapons, even though they just attacked you with a spear or sword. Some games do this. I prefer sentient enemies to have weapon variety that will always be lootable, but not necessarily good loot. They can have the chance to drop a rarer weapon though, which makes it worth killing them.

so killing pigs should only give chicken meat? (rust joke)

but yeah something like that, i liked the way it worked in RaiderZ which is basically a monster hunter crafting system too and will prob write a post about, the idea was that you wouldnt just need ‘‘3 skin’’ you would need ‘‘2 wolfhide, 3 wolf fangs, 5 spiderwebs’’ for making 1 chestpiece and at special points they would require boss specific drops.

I would be more in favor of “realistic” drops for creatures, but I would certainly be okay with loot style drops for protectors/titans. I think gear should still be crafted, but lots of different gear recipes and material rarities.

Crafting as the central method of creating gear still seems the best to me, the trading economy should probably be able to accomadate anyone who doesn’t feel like investing the time to craft.

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this is also how i feel

how about the thing that creativerse does? they have randomly spawned chests with stuff in it, do you think that would suit in here?

haven’t we discussed this already in the “treasure hunting” topic? :slight_smile:

that is my idea of a minigame to do while there is nothing else to do. but yes, i love treasure chests, i love the idea that just from chilling around i might be rewarded.

The realistic drop really opens up the possiblity for more crafting professions, which would be nice to have in Oort.

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I also want the realistic type of loot, but let them stay “in the corpse” or in a bag until I loot it. I hate the stuff flying around on the battlefields :wink:

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gonna necro since we recently got this

How much different loot should we have? should all beasts just drop ‘‘hide’’ or should canines drop ‘‘Skin and wolf fangs’’ pigs would drop ‘‘Meat chunks’’ spiders would drop ‘‘spider web’’ and it would all tie together in crafting? meaning that if you want to craft something you would need different materials and different materials could be added in combination to add some varity. or should we just keep with the simple ‘‘any beast drops leather’’ approach.


I think different hides or other basic dropped mats for at least different tiers would be just logical. Also this mats could have different colors on different animals/worlds like with other mats already ingame (gleam/dirt/bla :wink: )

I would like to have at least hides, scales, bones, fur and may be talons, fangs, nets and horns. Others more special ones can be added, but don’t need to be.

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Or teh fallout/Skyrim style where as you can loot the creature for whatever it holds

I would like it if you were able to skin killed creatures for what they would actually have on them such as hide, meat, bones etc. which you could cook or craft with. What I would like to see is creatures gravitating towards certain areas as if to guard resources, such as ore or ancient chests. This way you keep the realists happy, and you can still get non-craft rewards like weapons and materials/trade items for killing creatures. Win win.

I would like to have no ready-to-use item drops except rare ones like if a base creature use a blow pipe as a weapon it may lose it. Ready-to-use items should only drop regularly when a player is killed on pvp and he has some of them unused in the inventory. That would be good for crafting and economy next to the fact that I always had my problem with little imps dropping twohanders and fullplate armors :wink:

Of cause when they defend a chest the chest could hold some nice stuff. But that should happen only in rare occasions :wink:

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screw the imps, i always wondered how the boars got those weapons xD


Maybe if you never found weapons, but instead weapon pieces. Find enough of these pieces in guarded chests and you can make a weapon. This would also allow for us to create our own weapons, with unique designs and attributes.

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same damn horker was carrying daedric armour.

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This problem also exists in the opposite direction: Remember collecting 16 centaur hooves in WoW with a centaur dropping 1 with a lot of luck?