Loot-Sticks! is now open in Nova Golda Market.

Previously seen as The Loot-Stick Store in Dzassak Market.

Walk up the main centre road at Nova Golda Market, and it’s the second stand on the right.

Currently there are a few options available, but this will expand once useful combos are found.

All items have max light and magnet.

The following are currently available:

Gleambow Loot-Sticks - special event, no longer craftable totems - 3500c

The basic - 2000c

Sinking Loot-Sticks - with ‘That Sinking Feeling’ quirk for the underwater gatherer - 3500c

Wayfarer’s Totem - these sold out already, new batch available within 30 minutes! - 5000c

Also, within Coin Converters, I have some stands for currently needed items:

Each basket has 25kc and will be topped up regularly.

New requests will be made depending on current needs, so check back often.

Coin Converters has other baskets available, so make sure you have a good look around.


advertising a shop without info on a portal to get there is pretty useless =/ i went to the planet hoping there would be one, there isnt

PS Lamblis, top ring of shop portals, East side, Nova Golda Portal will get you there.

There’s also portals to nova golda from Ultima eresho, nova golda market in Ultima eresho and I do believe Ultima trung and dks tree(forgot the name but it’s in eresho as well)

Got any auto harvest loot magnets?

Hopefully one day a connection to PS Trung… :slightly_smiling_face:

hehe that would have been helpful, i did eventually find it

I keep seeing people selling them for 1-2k. I sell for 300, am I really underselling?

This may help:

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I’m looking for 6 max light/attract/magnet wayfarer sticks, defect and quirk free. Don’t care who makes them but I’ll pay whatever it costs. They appear to be impossible to find.

Well I saw you about an hour ago near Fidach’s shop so I’m guessing you found it?

They was at least that on my stands last time I checked!

Also, all loot sticks are defect and quirk free (except the sinking loot sticks, which intentionally have ‘that sinking feeling’ for underwater gathering!)

But PS Trung is actually located INSIDE Nova Golda :wink:

But we can add a 1x2 for convenience I suppose!

All loot sticks have max light and magnet (auto harvest)!

It doesn’t say Auto Harvest in the Forge Effect, though.

Are you making a profit you’re happy with? Then no.

Hmm, I thought Magnet and Auto Harvest were separate boon. I guess I was wrong. I will be buying some of those loots sticks when I get home, then :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t know why some say auto harvest and some don’t. But magnet is auto harvest. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, whoops. Should have said Max light, Max Attract, Auto Harvest. Not attract/magnet.

If you still have those i’ll swing by this evening.

right yeah i realized that eventually but i came in through portal seekers looked for a portal didnt find one so i walked out of PS looked around and it looked really empty i saw two shops that werent it and a bunch of empty roads so i was like “hmmm must not be here” so i went back out to other connected ps hubs hoping to find a portal there lol.

my point is, a line or two about how to get there from the hub would help as it isnt really apperent just by looking out from the hub. There is no point in advertising your shop if people cant find it :slight_smile: