LORE: Axonian Science Ministry : Discovery of note 04172020

A citizen of the great city of Axon (part of the TDC and SPQR) was in the process of expanding his fields and accidently discovered an ancient artifact. Our specialists arrived on the scene and helped finish digging the artifact carefully out of the ground…

Doctor Jigassi stated “Damn, this thing Hums like a Son of a Bisque!”

Axonian Science Ministry spokeperson Liana Dilarton states the artifact is being studied and results will be made public if appropriate upon conclusion.


i think that’s the tip of the legendary Hammer from the Ooort God

its being said that to those whoever touch it will have good health

now i feel like everyone should just touch it …

i know krasniy tried sitting on it , but that’s not how it works …


I was told not to sit on it…but Im a risk taker… I had my grapples out in case it was like a lightning bolt hit my ashcan… I sat down… I heard one of the scientists say “I cant watch!”… nothing happened…

Was sort of a literal Anti-climatic outcome… so You all can sit on it too! Bring a picnic basket… :wink:


Maybe there’s a portal inside? Dig it up and find a portal! I think its a gift from Dev. Probably a portal to the old universe!!!

A portal to our homeworld Berlyn? Who you been talking to??

In any case thus far the power signature does not seen sufficient for such a use. What the purpose of this device is still unknown

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Thats the plug theyre gonna pull to empty Biitulla of all its contents! lol