Lore report: Biitula blows its Top!

Mount Axon, Axon, Biitula. 9-21-19 at 9:21:19 AM

A few weeks back a trio of deep cave explorers were rescued who shared what were considered “tall tales” of lava pools deep beneath the surface of Biitula which were at the time dismissed as trauma induced hysteria. Well apparently this was not the case…

Yesterday at 9:21AM (9:21:19 seconds precisely! Strange!) Mount Axon blew it’s top in an unprecedented eruption… this is the first volcano ever detected on Biitula either dead or living.

Axonian Scientists have quickly ascertained that the volcano is now 100% in equilibrium …an oddity in itself

At this time it is advised that all should remain clear… when and if conditions are determined to be safe tunnels will be constructed to study the lava tubes and will be open to the public at that time.


Some say it could even be felt on Dzassak, with how unprecedented it was.

Could this be a precursor of the coming of the Titans?

@RedY3 dropped the lava. RUN!!!



Original and nice… some days I do wish we had actual volcanos in this game…


Maybe they could all errupt in tandem and everyone would be forced to rebuild anew… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And that’s why my build is in the sky :sunglasses: