Lost 900 Oort

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Hi … I placed 900 Oort in my portal on Sunday (there’s actually evidence :sweat_smile: over in the picture thread) when it was on its knees … and now its empty and the oort is gone.

What’s happened here?

EDIT - I just went to the other end, and it said there ws ~5 weeks of fuel in it … then as it was loading … it just went solid. :cry:

Ahhh … thank goodness, the oort is in the portal … down 100 … OK … well … it’s still weird, but this can be closed, too. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve noticed that if things are a bit laggy or there is a connection issue or server is still loading the area around you that sometimes when I put Oort into a portal it actually does not take and the it reverts back to the original amount that is in it.

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Closed at OP’s request.