Lost a planet with a swamp biome

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I remember farming pulsating orbs on a planet with large fields of leaves on the ground in a swampy/foresty area. Mushrooms were growing everywhere. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

It looked a bit like this but with even more leaves.

There are huge amounts of surface foliage on Alcyon, not sure about the mushrooms though.

I think Niia Zed Kha has a biome like that. Not 100% sure tho…

It was a T1-3 planet since I was just starting out then, so probably not Alcyon :sweat_smile:

Biitula has a few of those

Sounds like it could be Imdaari.

Cephonex Merika also has large patches of foliage like that but Imdaari has the mushrooms growing all over the Foliage.

Imdaari lists 0 orbs in the resource tab for me, are you sure that’s the planet you meant?

Hmm, Yea, I don’t see them in the resource list either. However, pulsating orb mushrooms should be on every planet if I’m not mistaken. Let me dash over there and take a look around. I’ll get back to you. :slight_smile:

Btw, if it’s just the Orbs you’re after, they’re everywhere in good numbers on Gellis.

I’m an idiot. For whatever reason, I was getting confused with Boori. Boori is the world I meant and not Imdaari! lol

Also finata has swamp like areas.

Oh yeah these things in the water. They were exactly like this, but in a forest so you couldn’t fall down to water :smiley: Thanks for this though, better than other planets since it’s easy to spot them.

Just hopped over to Boori…

Ah, you got in there just before me lol. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

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Ok that does look a lot more like what I remember. I must be in a different biome.

If you’re on PC, you can turn the Foliage quality down in the settings in order to better see resources through the grass. I’m not sure about PS4 though and what options it has available.

Yeah that’s what I usually do on hunts too, a lot easier to see the mobs when grass isn’t all over your face.

This is the biome I found.

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It’s a beautiful planet with some really nice Biomes. I’m thinking of building a home away from home over there.

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Yay found it! Took forever, seems like it’s not a common biome.

I agree, just look at these ents walking around :smiley:

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And for future googlers this is why you should come here to farm pulsating orbs. Beautiful neverending fields of them.

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Grovidias Te has some spots like this as well.
That’s where I was getting my edible lamela for the longest time.

Another odd one is my home planet of Storis II.

I say odd because it depends. There is a swamp area west of New Oortia, but that area can either be loaded with them or completely bare.

Whenever I run through that area I randomly chop wood and dig dirt so I can trigger the respawn.

Beservenova (however it’s spelled) also has lots of shrooms of different varieties that drop P. Orbs and the drop rates are fantastic.

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