Lost Settlement Status 9/11/18

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I just wanted to report that the Settlement a few players and I have built up has lost its Settlement Status. It happened around 9 PM EST, at least that is when I noticed that I no longer received the overlay message that you have entered a settlement.

When I go to view settlements in the Places menu it is just blank, and when I check the Master Beacon in my plots the Settlement box is just constantly refreshing and never displays anything besides the refreshing message.

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but I figured I would make a post known about this.

Our Settlement name is Diacon City, Northwest of Silva Wainson, Beckon (-2299N, 1460E) Altitude: 65


Just an update, even after today’s patch our collective Settlement status has yet to return. There are about four of us in the area where the borders of our plots meet. All were connected and fine till Tuesday Afternoon.

It isn’t a big deal, but it is nice to see our little city’s name pop up overhead. :blush:

I have a few screenshots for reference of what I am seeing, minus the blank Settlements tab.

See where it says "Rank in Settlement" that wasn’t like that before.

Lastly here is what my Beacon is displaying in the Settlement Info Box.
From what I saw before all four of our areas were connected before the Tuesday launch.

I know this isn’t much info, but I hope this helps. It isn’t a very high priority fix, but I just wanted to report this.


What does the layout of your settlement look like? Do you have any parts of it that resemble roads or bridges? See the following topic for more information:


you need to add more plots too the beacon that is being considered a Road…

The warning that the beacon is bridging two settlements and cannot merge means that
said beacon is not touching both of those area’s with 4 plots across in width…

Its its only one plot wide or two plots wide you will get this… 3 sometimes works but 4 plots wide always works


Interesting, We do have some roads but the back ones I don’t have access to add to, it is one of the other player’s plots. I will take a look at the layout when I get home from work and see.

@vdragon is the single plot connection a way of preventing unintended settlements?


They put in the Road Limitation to keep a Singular big city from running roads around the world hooking up every city on the planet to there’s and creating a huge mega city…


Understandable, that would be a bit ridiculous then. I will have to get ahold of the other players and figure something out to try and reclaim our status.


So I am an idiot… I knew some of our connecting plots were just one or two plots that connected to both. I did forget that I built a bridge across the river bank to where I am going to build my future Guild Hall… it had two plots that were in between from each larger two sections that I claimed. I just put a few plots to the left of where the original two connected the sections to connect them, and like magic, the settlement status returned…

Thanks for the info and help! @vdragon @Sulfurblade

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