LOVESTRUCK - cherished oortys

Oorties: strong red, deep cerulean, deep green and warm magenta:

Stale moss vase on warm red colum and shadow red on cold berry:

black baloons!! :heart_eyes:


they can!!! :grinning:


white spray:

black spray:

I think I’m leaving it black - looks sexy with the red vase like.


im loving the dark colours on the dolls theyre gorgeous

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A shot of some of the good flower colors I’ve got some extras of, can give away on request. :slight_smile: Kicking myself for not gathering more of the black spineflowers, but I do have 10 on hand I can hand out.

BTW, really nice to know the columns can be sprayed! :smiley:

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Well i am looking for a bunch of colours that have come from exo worlds in the past but there are two perm ones from alcyon and houchus i can’t find.

  • dark lilac
    -shadow red
    -shadow yellow
  • warm fuchsia
  • warm orange
    -light sepia
    -warm violet
    -bright viridian
    -stark viridian
    -bright azure
    -bright cerulean
    -luminous violet
    -luminous slate
    -stark mustard
    -luminous green
    -crisp teal
    -light turquoise
    Houchus: vivid mint
    Alcyon: vivid lavender
    -vivid green
    -strong azure
    -shadow blue

Hmm, yeah, I didn’t collect as many exo ones as I thought I had, more of mine were from the most recent ones, just checked and didn’t see those on my shelves here, apologies! :frowning:

Here’s hoping to some new exos with great flower colors soon! :smile:

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im going to home tomorrow, going to check flower tints i have - i have around 120 different tints in 4 kinds of flowers, black and white included


The black flower with the Oorty kind of looks more chocolate brown.

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pretty sure I grabbed a bunch of these, will check when I log in shortly

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I planted a bunch around my shop :+1: but have about 40 extra in my stash if you need.

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Thanks!! :smiley: If I get a lot of demand will let you know, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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They are growing in number, I wont be able to stop them all!!!




I immediately read that outloud like them. Perfect hahaha


Well if you’d be willing to part with just one of the few i need that i don’t have i’d love that, also there is white??

Oortys look super-cute too on shelves - like lil mini-Oortys! :grin: I think I’m going to fill this wall’s shelves here with different colors-

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white shelves would probably make all the colors stand out more (apart from white oorty of course, but do u have white flowers?)

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That’s a good idea… :+1: I’m tempted to even do a little separate showroom for them, with some sitting on plinths and colums. :slight_smile: No white flowers I think!

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exactly! a pity though


red display for blue and green oorties (including viridian, teak and such)
blue display for red, orange, yellow oorties
white display would probably be good for all the purple, magenta, pink range of oorties

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