Lovestruck Event starts today at 1200 UTC!


You trade a bouquet and it automatically turn into heart shaped box.
You expect both sides to offer bouquets so both trading players get much needed box.

Then you craft.


I like it. Good job


Is there a way to tell if you already traded with someone?


There’s a heart on the trade button


@SamF or @James - The items are not available on Test to deploy and look at to see if you can change the color of the vase, balloons, pole. So can you let us know if changing colors of the materials would change the end result when you craft them?


Woah! New sanctum design! That’s super exciting!


The sanctum was a very nice surprise to me when I logged in this morning.
Well done and I hope to see future deco in sanctum now.


I hope no more snow


Gleam Colours the Romantic Vase, Refined Rock will colour the Romantic Stone Column, and Gleam colours the Heart Balloons



This is @almund rocking the heart eyes and the flowers paint, carrying a bouquet, and moonwalking under the romantic lights to impress the other citizens. Does it get any better? xD


Actually my house is in the biome where it snows and i like it :smiley:


The snow was really well done, but let’s only have it for a few weeks, once a year.


No pics of the columns yet?


Can someone post the recipes/mass craft for the event items?


They are in the refinery.


I’m at work.


Also at work going from memory the heart shaped balloons were 2 hearts, 1 flotation sac, 1 gleam. Gleam determined color. I looked at the other recipes which also required 2 hearts but don’t remember the rest of their ingredients


Cold berry sed and warm yellow sed:


Cant remember all, but i made a video; always 36 rocks for a mass though; bulks need 8 rocks for each item.

There is tangle and refined rock involved in the column and raw gleam with flotation sack for the ballons (I think it was 18 sacs for mass).

I show the math somewhere in the middle of the video. I explain the steps and how trading works there too and show the crafted items:


Man, those are nice.

I’m going to be really annoyed when I can’t get enough hearts.