Lovestruck Event starts today at 1200 UTC!

Hey folks,

Now that the snow has thawed from Oortmas, our thoughts have turned to another big date on the calendar. To celebrate this time of year, we’re starting our next event today!

This time of year is perfect for celebrating companionship, so why not show your fellow Citizens how much you enjoy playing together? From 1200 UTC today, until 1200 UTC on the 18th February, Boundless is getting Lovestruck!

Handcraft a Bouquet from Flowers commonly found throughout the Known Worlds, and Trade it with another Citizen to gift them a Heart Rock. They can then use this to Craft a Romantic Vase, Romantic Stone Column, or even some Heart Balloons to decorate your home!

Then head to The Exchange to pick up one of our time-limited Wearables, including the Lovestruck Mask, the Ribbon Fascinator, and the Climbing Roses Body Paint. I’m looking forward to seeing plenty of romantically-themed citizens charging around the known worlds!

As ever, please do share your screenshots with us via this thread - we can share the best via social media, and it always makes our day to see what you’re all up to with the new content we’ve been working on!

Enjoy - see you in there!


Being stubborningly single I’m gonna let this event pass me by but will feel happy for those love entwined oorts out there.
Good for you. :wink:
I’m waiting for me bunny ears.


I’m with ya on this

It looks like S.P.A. all over the place for you two, guys!
Single Players Affair :heart_eyes:

All my love goes to the large g & t after finishing work for the day (and my sister’s new puppy.sooo cute…)


I’m in a happy relationship and still, I think I’ll be giving this one a miss too. Running around trading just doesn’t sound like fun tbh. Not for me and my play style anyway.

Hope everyone else has a blast though and enjoys the event! :slight_smile:

EDIT: In saying all that though, I’d hate to spoil anyone else’s fun so I’ll try and carry a flower or two with me while in game in case anyone initiates a trade with me.


@SamF could you verify if the bouquet will be craftable after the event? Or will it go away like the snowballs?

Does this mean no more snow?
Please tell me this is the case!


It will go away like the snowballs, plus Heart Shaped Rocks will no longer be formed when they are traded outside of the event.


They have already said snow is stayin. Depending on the biome you live in depends on how often you see snow.

And yet its still a game changing issue for many.


Beat me to it. Depending on the biome you are in you will see a lot of snow or none. The desert biome I don’t think gets any. But the colder biomes will get a lot of snow.

I wish they would cut back on the amount of rainfall we get. Too much.

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Well you might be in a swamp biome if you see a lot of rain.


Nod to Nirvana? :slight_smile:


:metal: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I called them Heart Shaped Box a few times when making a video earlier lol. needed to corrct myself.

Anyways, Finata’s Capitol is busy with Love Sharing:

Out to a late date:


One of the weirdest events I’ve ever experienced in an MMO. I craft something, give it away and the recipient gets the rose and then I gave him the rose still a heart. Very funny … so if Nieman gives me something, I can not do anything of the event stuff except the rose … and I have to buy it again very expensive … very, very weird

I hope people like the new Sanctum, me and @james got into the festivities for it


Check this cute little cupid overseeing the festival of love.

He totally gave me flowers. :heart_eyes: