Low level mining


Low leveling mining doesn’t give enough xp ATM
It’s to slow. Low levels have low level resources en low level tools. And with a dead penalty debug it’s really bad.

Whe need xp based on level


Keep in mind you also get xp for processing the materials that you mine. Processing the rocks into stones gives xp. Smelting ores into bars gives xp. Crafting items with the processed materials gives xp.

The mining of the items themselves is only a small portion of the overall xp you’ll get.


Yeh but you need to keep in mind lot of people use other characters for processing

So a dedicated miner only gets xp for mining
And if you find nothing then no xp for you. You waste a lot of time then.

If you find nothing then 1 xp per block is not many


This is very true. Particularly once you have a refinery, crafting all of your rock into stones and then refined rock will gain you a lot of XP.

The process can be really slow if you don’t have mass craft. I would recommend building 3-5 crafting tables and spreading the load across them if you don’t want to spend the skill points.


And that is if you want to process. At home I do the shopping but I don’t cook. For a dedicated miner xp is to low


Hey Urbanshenkie,

Which blocks give only 1XP?
What level range are you referring to when you say “Low leveling”?
Has mining XP in your opinion always been low or since the last patch?
What resources are you mining for?


Here’s the rough numbers from what i recall seeing as i mine.

Dirt, soil, and mud give 1xp.

Rocks give 2 xp.

Ores give 24 xp.

Can’t remember how much xp surface resources give.


rocks give 1 xp when you have a dead penalty and that happens a lot if you are a dedicated miner and want to explore better places to mine.

im level 21 (bomb mining spec) and i do mining most of the time in lamblis.

lamblis is 2 hit a 2xp block and 3 hit for resources. that is with iron hammer, titanium mining i tryed but is waste of time for me. I died to many times and have to hit like 6 or more times on resources. Xp for hunting is mutch better atm.

dedicated hunter was even faster leveling before the patch then low level bomb mining before the patch


I would suggest picking up mass crafting on your miner to process and refine rocks then use a cleanse point to remove it later. Thankfully you don’t meed other skills to make stones or refined rock, and it is a good source of xp.


I understand your point of view, however I wouldn’t consider bomb mining on lamblis as a low level mining experience.

Based on the skills required to defend yourself against the mobs while still having adequate mining skills would relegate this to early mid-game IMO.

Do you have any armor skills? Few points in these greatly increase your survivability while getting to your mining spots.

Also damage epic and power skill nicely over lap with a hunter build while not taking any functionality away from your mining ability. Power increases your damage from all sources and so do the damage epic.

My miner can hold his own against mobs (minus the mighty ones and the bomb throwing spitters) on planets like besevrona while being able to 3 shot stone with an iron hammer (Level 25ish) while also being specced for bomb mining. 3x iron bombs to destroy rocks on besevrona while keeping all resources.


this is my build 42 skill points



What bombs are you using and what’s the total per bomb damage?

Also don’t forget that bomb mining just changed where destroyed blocks grants 0 xp. So if you are mining for max xp you’ll want to not destroy the rocks.


Rugged worlds don’t require elemental protection so you can reallocate those to other skills at the moment.