Lower power requirements


As it stands right now the most expensive thing when it comes to power requirements is the decorative gem blocks costing 4500 power per one. To me as a crafter it seems alittle much to need 45 normal power coils or 15 advanced just to craft a block. Now thats just rediculas. How could i even fit that many around a single machine. Please tell me this is a mistake and im counting wrong or something. I feel a more reasonable anount of power needed would be 1500 or maybe even 2000 max. Sorry if this just seems like a complaint just trying to wrap my head around this haha.


I think the whole point is for it to be difficult to get and large to build. It’s meant to be end-game, room-filling stuff!


Hi Jayat, fellow crafter here. Power is intended to act as a sort of class tier for crafters much like how other MMO’s have tiers of armor gained from beating harder and harder bosses. It’s basically impossible to get the best tier3 stuff without first getting most of a full set of tier 1 and then tier 2 stuff. Crafting in boundless works much the same way.
First you finish Tier0, acquire all machines. Tier 1 is to add spark cores to your work shop and generate enough spark for your basic needs. Tier 2 is a set of basic engines. It’s important to note that you can only have a maximum of 24 engines per machine, so to get those highest skill cap items, you need to hit tier 3 by acquiring advanced engines.
This provides a natural progression curve to the game that you don’t typically find in most survival crafting games.
Also, as @will mentioned, a Tier 3 workshop should be a big, impressive build with lots and lots of mechanical bits and work stations. Only the most dedicated crafters should reach the final tier, or even need a giant workshop like this!