LTB Forged Gold Fists

I was wondering if anyone out there could forge me some gold fists with these traits:
Max Damage
Max Critical Chance
Max Critical Effect

No quirks/defects

Looking for at least 9. Let me know the price.


U try Golden Fist yet?

Ill give it a try


Most of their stuff has some sort of quirk or defect. But I can check.

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I forged some in the past, but I used those with a skillpage with points in agility, so no need to max critical chance(if i well remember i had max agility and needed lvl6 of critical chance)

I failed on my attempt I was only able to max damage and get lvl 7 on the other 2.

Quite hard to get further than that :frowning:

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I was able to forge 2 at a time using 2 stacks of invig1 but didn’t use all only 65 invig1. Maxed out dev damage,crit chance and crit effect with about 200 vigour and stability before setting the forge. RNG was with me for once lol


I got a pack of four with all maxed except critical chance (lvl7) if you’re still looking.

See PM to you.