Luck Machine


I think it would be cool if you could craft a machine to put stuff you do not want.

For every 100 of an item you put in it, you have a chance of getting 200 of an item of lower quality, 100 of an item of same quality. 50 of an item higher quality, or 2 of an item very higher quality.


I can see this invariably turning into a gambling-based loot box system, if I understand what you’re trying to describe. I’m against this system if it requires real life monetary involvement (outside of purchasing the game itself). One example of a loot box system done well is Alpha Packs in Rainbow Six Siege, which are earned just for playing the game.


I’ve played a couple of mods in minecraft that had this kind of system and they are generally called recyclers. They don’t ever give you near 1:1 ratio of goods but they tend still to be a bit broken. If anything of the like were to be added it need to be thouroughly balanced.

Maybe require spark for each operation is a step in the right direction?


It should not require real money. It should be a high level machine.


I could get behind that.


As stated above, not requiring IRL money and a thorough balancing. This could end up being something that’d be crucial in late stages of the game. Having tons of “junk” items that you could take the risk of gambling away for a chance at something better. I’m totally in support of this idea 100%

  • and the spark idea, I think that should be a must… :wink:


This might not be liked but since we’d be putting in all sorts of different items and getting all sorts in return. I think it would only be fair to require at least 1 of each adv power coil to operate as well as the spark.

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