Machine upgrade vs coils

My suggestion is simple.
Lets replace coils with machine upgrades

You are still reguired same amount of mats etc

Coils are taking so much space.
Its really Hard To do a simple base as you gotta always count how much space everything needs.

This would be great For newer players too cause they would not have to tear Down their base When they realize the coils and how much space those take.



Yes get this man a plaque saying one of the smartest people on da planet


How about storing the coils inside the machine, like in a chest?
Then coils remain relevant…



Hm well if they made coil slots then yes


Like smart stacks of them up to the number capable now

Ha made same suggestion almost 2 yrs ago.


The issue is you all are thinking too small, stop trying to build a base in 1 plot.

what ever number you all have in your head when making a base multiply it by at least 2… like absolute bare minimum… it would be better if you would multiply it by 4 or even 10.

also make sure you build flat like a pizza box, no more of this tower stuff because the game punishes you for building anything complex within the same vertical column…IE dont build up build out… if you need to build up the your plots are too low and need to move up.

Its just smart use of what plots you get versus how much xp its going to take to level… if you all are tired of wasting 1 plot on a 1 block of foliage stop building so low to the ground.

workshops need to have everything on the same level, if you are traversing stairs to go to a 2nd floor above your existing one… you basically wasted complexity and space…

When building in boundless, imagine a garage, then imagine all the dishes and utensils in your kitchen. Now imagine storing all of that stuff in your kitchen in the garage on the floor. Make sure nothing touches anything else and nothing stacks… This is how you should be building in boundless… wide and flat…maybe 2 plots high…

then once you are done putting down all the complex stuff go back and waste plots building up(or down) to make it pretty.


So wheres the boundless part.

We are all different type of builders. Just suggesting that this could help my kind of builders


Its just the reality of the game, if you build like stuff is the correct size you are going ot have a bad time.

if you pretend you are jack (as in Jack and the bean stalk) living in a giants house then suddenly everything actually fits.

you cant really build small the game just punishes you when you try.

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Im not building stuff In a 1 plot.

Even with 9 plots (3x3) you have to think what kind of setup you wanna do.

Sure anyone can say “just build bigger”.

The problem comes When game Forces me To build bigger than i want… And honestly theres no real reason why we even have coils… Those give power Yes but that could be just added into the machine upgrades… Coils are just space wasters.


And semi-effective tazers. Though an evil part of me wish they did more damage.


Wow u evil like dufaninsmerts annoying not deadly just annoying

I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

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U are evil not like trying to kill people evil just trying to annoy everyone evil

what’s with all the coil hate @Buugi

I have all these coils just waiting for a loving home.
So adopt a coil today, take it back to your warm, nurturing home and give it a hug (before you connect to a machine otherwise it will kill you).

My own biases aside, coils are not really an early game system but something to aim for after a certain amount of gameplay, by which time the player should have gained enough plots and knowledge to start a decent workshop. Yes there is a learning curve but that is not always bad.
There should be a cost (not just coin) and a visual indication of status to building a fully decked-out workshop as it is an achievement which any player reaching should be proud.
Coils can also be hidden (like mine) or on show (because they do look darn cool to my eyes).


Maybe give em away then I’ll adopt em

I just adopted like 130 coils and gave them a wonderful home locked up deep inside the branches of my tree, never to see the light of day.

Interestingly, my spark generator area is more dense on the mesh limit than my machines areas, but I’m only doing the minimum 10 coils for each machine, and have embraced low density building on this project so I can build vertically.


I forget how many each can use, (37?) but I could use some refinery power, maybe.

I actually agree strongly with @Buugi the game should be for all. Not just fancy builders or tree builders. Big or small builders. Should have too think if doubling it if only want 1 plot. It be awesome if can put coils inside the machine. I thought that was a great idea. It’s awesome to see others ideas.

Yeap I have definitely taken alot of yours home before. No wonder I spend all the money I earn. It’s so hard not to resist the urge…:nerd_face: