Advanced Machines (Compactors,Extractors ect)

Allow for a recipe for Advanced machines. This would be a recipe that would combine the max amount of advanced coils (that would benefit that machine) and the machine its self. Combined/Crafted into an advanced machine. This would solve the issue/complaints for needed space for a machine with max coils and the time it takes to repair all coils on a machine. We would then only have to repair the machine its self since the coils would be a part of the machine.


I kinda like this idea. Maybe have the machine wear out as much as the collextive machine and coils would each craft to make it fair?

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I also think it would make sense to have advanced machines for the advanced coils - combo idea is awesome. And possibly lessen the mats needed to make items on the regular machines (I think people would use them more and craft things)

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That is a good idea. The power coils do take up a lot of space.

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It would need to use 24 coils to allow for future expansion to recipes, plus use SEBA etc to account for the massive space savings it affords.

But yeah, if done right, I could get behind this.

I kinda like that the machines need to account for space for the coils. Makes me more thoughtful in building the workshops. Plus looks cool with all the coils sparking…

I’m behind us having quicker ways to repair, just not sure I like replacing the coils out into a single machine.


Maybe instead of adding a new machine, it can let you slot in power coils,similar to how portal conduits use tokens.

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I personally love the look of the power coils arcing across to the machine. But I also love the spark power lines and I know some people hate them. Think it’s all a matter of taste.