What is your biggest desire for the future of Boundless?

Upkeep free portals.

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  • Unified storage option for alts outside the friended options including coin and maybe even cubits.

  • More mobs and diversity of random drops.

  • A random rare item on special mobs (maybe just on Exos) and for mining on the resource side. “Hey I found a pile of refined Oort or Lucent next to this old tech component that was not listed for this planet down by the mantle!”

  • Mining bombs like 5x5 or bigger for demolition of wilderness or builds quickly if you’re willing to craft/buy them. Maybe even an epic/skill involved.

  • Water based lifeforms. Aggro and not. Same as current Spitters/Livestock’s.

  • More players :frowning_face:


Wearables and titans. Or a centroforging rework similar to what @Havok40k wrote a suggestion post about a while ago.


I be happy with just the update that seems to take forever…or start doing smaller updates more consistently.


I’ll make and sell you some much larger than 5x5 : )
Edit: unless you want to keep anything you demolish, that is…


Just a few to add lol :rofl:

Also refined gems be turned into a block form.


I appreciate that. In this case I want to bomb the poo out of an area and sort out the debris at my leisure.

On occasion I like to smoke test a whole mega block :sunglasses: , but this is Meta mining solution.

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Yea, i do not understand this. Not only convenient for players, especially ones that RL prevents play of any kind for a time. They can return to their builds and stuff as they left them with exception of portals.

Revenue impact angle it really would make sense. I mean how many people leave <$10/month on renew “just in case” for 6+ months. Same with world fuel… why not allow for an auto option.


I already buy a year every Jan. Would make things so much better just setting an auto renewal so I don’t have to worry about it.


For those curious what you are referring to


At this point… Honestly… More open and Active communication…


Ha at this point I’d prefer less active and open communication from some


I think I’d have to put a blueprint with auto-build feature at the top of the list, having been very addicted by it in another game I play. Would allow those of us who aren’t great builders but want nice stuff to quickly build, then edit the results to our tastes (I’m imagining it like a beacon you feed mats into). Would give an economic niche to pure builders on selling, would allow for quick moves of builds, and also make repetitive parts of large builds easier.

Closely following would be a bunch of furniture - beds, bookshelves, couches, ect., stuff to fill out builds, make them more like homes.

One smaller thing that I think could be done more quickly and I consider very important - a way to toggle off people on your friends list being able to warp to you. I’ve encountered more than one issue with this now that caused me to cut short play sessions, and has made it so I’m very hesitant to accept new requests.


For the game to prosper! :grin:


yikes! Someone always got to make it weird :roll_eyes:

Just when you think you’re farming alone wayyy out on a isolated region poof! :open_mouth: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • please see social ques at the beginner hub persisting pies will be confiscated :unamused:

Make gums for every Boom you can Forge .

I want damage then i ll Take a damage gum
I want Cruz i ll Take crit gum
I want Dura then i ll Take a Dura gum …
And nothing ealse Pops Up after using this Special gum i took.

So there would n t be a waste of Material s and forging would be great for everyone .

Just a Suggestion


Backpack or portable storage of some kind.

Maybe a homing warp that only transports loot back to your beacon for long Exo, no-campfire farm/hunts?


Server maintenance maybe the game would be lag free and the loading time goes away when you run and the World isn’t loading.

Rework the forge. No rng just forge the stuff on it you need. It will be more waste of time and materials with new weapons and shields.

Improve the harvesting. Aoe seeding etc.
More XP

More XP for crafting and building as you need more XP to level up with the new update.

Rework crafting less materials needed for masscrafting. For some stuff you need to much materials and that’s hard when you just wanna build.

New enemies during hunts, titans, bossfights

More communication and support would be nice we want to be up to date cause waiting sucks and some time you run out of patience

  1. Smaller updates more frequently.

  2. Monthly Dev livestream where they discuss the upcoming roadmap of updates and highlight community events and content creators.


What @OnlyOneShinobi said but, generally, just update the f@#!ing game and tell us what’s coming.

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