New Bomb Boon...Liquid breaker!


Could we have liquid breaker added to possible bomb boons? Even if the liquid wouldn’t be collectible. Would help to clear large areas of water and lava for building.


Oh god no.


Please elaborate


I feel like that’s a little bit too powerful.
…plus I mean, bombs sink.

Here’s another recommended boon in such a case; FLOATATION!
Slows on the surface, but doesn’t sink! Tradeoff to that Quirk could be it’s lighter, so it flies longer and does slightly less damage.


Using an aoe liquid breaker seems like it is good enough to me. Especially compared to the old method of having to replace all the source blocks in order to remove water or lava.


I like it. There is no reasonable way to remove lava etc. while mining currently - you can’t fill it in because some ` shaped sliver will always stop you from placing a block.


I would like to have it because possibly soon may be removing a large portion of a lake. If not entire lake.


Asked the same thing but said plot clearing. Thats anything in the plot, rock,gems,water the lot. Make clearing building areas a whole lot faster


that would help so much because also clearing 400 plots also all under ground.


Oh how i wish mine was only 400 :frowning: current count is 1228.


Can you make an AoE liquid breaker hammer?


They should just make all bombs destroy lava.


Yes, aoe liquid breakers are feasible

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