Rarity drop events. 24-48hr events

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Example of something few of us were speaking of in discord.

Like a Umbris hopper core. For example , they could run a hunting event for 48 hrs where you have a chance for an elite hopper to drop a Umbris hopper core. That can be put up to showcase. Then never be able to be obtained again. Imagine if only 5 of those were ever obtained in that 48 hrs. Then never a chance for them again.

These drops would be 1:10,000 ,1:100,000 or even 1:1,000,000

Maybe other variations could be done for gatherer’s,miners,farmers and builders.


I’m a big fan!!! A++++ on this idea. More sweet and rare things, and a collectors dream!


I do aprove this idea. I will also suggest exlcusive body paints or clothes.

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