Regular machines & advanced machines to match the coils + beginner forge

Wondering if the devs would consider having regular machines that are used with regular coils.
And advanced machines that are used with advanced coils, for mid-high/high level players. Recipes that are way out of reach for newer players & require a lot of power could be moved to the advanced machines.

I think this would give more ability to newer & mid-level players to craft some machines/coils & smooth their progression a bit. It might also help ease them into the crafting system a bit better. Yes it would probably make the regular coils worth less, but they have already gone way down in price and I don’t think most mid-high/high level players use them.

And instead of requiring 12 machined copper and 4 compact diamonds to make a basic coil, this could be simplified to just requiring the machined copper:

The advanced coil requirements would remain as they are. The advanced machines would be new recipes for mid-high/high level players.

How would separating recipes to different machines ease progression? Am I missing something? The coil recipe change sounds good though. Maybe limit them to 12 coils per machine or something so there’s still a good reason to use advanced coils and not devalue them, while still opening up mid-tier crafting and smooth the progression that’s been a hot topic lately.

I was just thinking that for the recipes that require a lot of power (aka advanced coils), those could be moved over onto “advanced machines”. Those advanced machines(currently regular machines) & advanced coils would still be in high demand by mid-high level players as they are now.

And the devs could add simplified recipes for players to make regular machines & coils (basically same as what we have now, but without requiring the mid/upper materials).