Macro Software, Auto clickers

Issue too in that case is determining who is using a macro or auto clicker.

  • Someone breaking and planing a flower for exp over and over again with no response > Likely a bot

  • Someone shooting really fast > Who knows if it’s an auto clicker or the skill epic

  • Someone mass crafting with an auto clicker > Noone else is likely going to even be nearby, let alone notice it

Makes also harder to macro one of the plotter related feats, that can be done as new player to earn coins and xp.

What about if it is hardware, like for example Arduino device that imitates mouse lmb or keyboard space hitting boundless button to do the job? Isn’t this possible to do on PS4 version?


I’m sorry I’m laughing so hard right now.


you’re laughing but that’s what we used in Ultimate Online before they developed UOLoop.

Meanwhile there was an Origin sponsored software program called UOAssist that let us use macros to fire off spell combos and melee combos and a whole host of other things. At the same time the 90s were not quite the Wild West but certainly wary pioneer days as far as game development was concerned. Everquest took a far different stance than UO did with software aids. UO was also a far more complex game in terms of game actions required. UOA made UO much more complete.

im electricien you dont need mechanical things
ya can just put it on the printboard off the controller :smile:

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I just found it kind of bizarre it was brought up in the context of dismissing the effort that goes into clicking the tables (even if that effort is on the low side compared to the reward received). Like, oh yeah it takes 2000 clicks, but you can’t count that because I just use a third party program!

10 letters

A good rule of thumb is, if you can step away from the computer for a meaningful amount of time and let the script take over, expect dev intervention. Either nerfing the game or account suspension depending on how widespread the issue is.

Mass clicking a UI button or automating rote tasks like portal token generation is probably not worth their time to go after. A bot script that chops a tree, throws a bomb, and does this until your pack is full? I would watch your back.


This is not a bot script level task. Any of dozens of throwaway mouse recorders will do it in basically the time it takes to perform the task. But I agree with your overall point.

If you want a bot script that wanders the forest, notes when the reticle hits trunk, harvests the block(s) and maybe back ends an alice plugin to provide some entertaining chat to passers by, we need a clear policy :wink:

Well, I would.

Nah, just give us possibility in game to make simple logics to our toons when we are logged off and toons would work as NPCs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh man sorry I missed this on my last read through.

I was just posting in another thread earlier today that since UO I’ve always preferred a skill system where your avatar could “evolve” by performing new activities. I think it was fidach that brought it up.

I remember this (in game scripting) but only vaguely to be honest. I was young and married and by the time EQ was getting popular, I was on a 3 or 4 year hiatus from gaming in general, and MMORPG in particular.

People laugh but the last console I bought for myself was a sega genesis.

Any chance you’re one of the few thousand people that encountered “The Realm”?

I have to disagree! :joy:

That’s usually my answer to grindy trophies.


We’re going to date ourselves real quickly going with this rabbit hole but yes I played the realm. Phantasia4 was one of my favorite MUDs of the late 90s. I started online gaming with neverwinter on aol when we paid by the minute of online use. I paid 300$ a month to play that game. Gaming/online capabilities have come a long way since then.

Oh let’s not forget merdian 59. All of those I played but UO is where I got sucked in as far as the old adage goes.




:joy::joy: This is how I used to get sneak to max on Oblivion


Something I’d like to add is, I do think that regeneration bombs are a big culprit of this issue. They allow the gain of resources with very simple and repetitive actions which if you ask me are very boring for most people to do for a long period of time (unless you happen to do it as a secondary activity to let’s say a podcast or watching something). But as always, the actions might be tedious but are also efficient, so players will do them anyway.

At that point, you’re pretty much asking for people to automate it. Which can then have a real effect on the amount of resources in circulation and the economy.


Yes 100% I have posted this exact statement a couple of times.

The time is worth so much more that something like say, the difference in tool cost for harvesting 180 inky leaves from rosetta nox vs. harvesting them from foliage drops is clearly negligible to a majority of players…

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This doesn’t do what I was thinking of/have seen people use macros for.

@almund im not sure if it is or not.

Also you guys are thinking small on the xp side of things for auto clicker/macro use.

I’m not looking for solutions to using macros for XP gain. Personally.

I’m also not really looking to write immense, complicated scripts for botting in boundless. If the behavior were approved officially though I might, hours spent developing would probably be worth more than an equal number of hours spent grinding for a long time.

But of course at some point you cross a threshold and returns begin to exceed inputs, it’s well enough understood why this isn’t usually welcome behavior. I personally wouldn’t invest the time if I wasn’t allowed to publish and discuss the work.

Easing off on the RSI a little bit with a few steps in a mouse recorder would be a great quality of life improvement for me. however I’m not going to automate the wasting of my resources. That’s usually where the fun is at.

So without intentionally creating an inefficient macro there’s the hard fact that relieving my tired, inaccurate fingers of the clicking task for one reason or another guarantees and increased efficiency in my output. In a community where the tools are freely and commonly available to all players this isn’t necessarily seen as an unfair advantage.

Boundless isn’t such a community.

This is a gray area. Discussion between players is all in good fun but when the developers decide that yesterday’s “primary meta” is today’s nasty exploit it’s already too late to backpedal.

Any player is, of course, free to see silence on the issue as tacit consent, as with other questions regarding the game.

To be double clear, I’m talking about and have been considering harvesting trunk and sap, maybe even blocks of other types in regen farms. I have an excess of plots and have no need to accelerate my XP gains at the moment because all 6 of the alts I’m actively playing are already at or near level 50.

Apparently I did over half of that using an exploit, The best thing I can say about that is that it wasn’t my intent.

I mean, I use a logitech mouse that comes with software where you can set up macros for buttons. I have a button on the side of my mouse that left-clicks 5 times per click as it helps avoid carpal tunnel with stone and timber crafting.