Mad Mag’s Plant/Fungus Shop (Free plants offer inside)

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Mad Mag’s Plant Shop is now open for business!

Located in the capital of Sorissi, Kindred Bay. You can find me currently through two portals leading directly to my shop-Duskmoor’s new DSK Galaxy or The Hunt Hive. Or look for the white gate looking build if you know another way to the beautiful city of Kindred Bay.

I currently have a decent number of plants known to the live universe (soon to be all) as well as a selection of plants from Exo’s. (The signs on the stands will point these out. Exo plants do unfortunately cost more as they are limited in quantity :confused:)

Looking for a large order of a specific plant? Am I out of stock and you want to be the guaranteed first in line for restock? Check out the VIP delivery room downstairs. Tell me what you want via the mailbox near the steps and I will hold them for you behind a locked door. Catch me online and we can friend each other for access to your reserved shop stands at any time!

Come check it out! And don’t be afraid to buy it all. It will be restocked :slightly_smiling_face:


This is great. I had similar shop in gyosha mall.
Deffo come visit

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Nice!! I’ve been looking for something like this to do some landscaping and whatnot near a new house I have in the works, I’ll definitely be by later. :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to check this out. Any black seed? Or night green?

Sorry don’t sell seeds. I do have some black plants from the exo in stock though

I was hoping you had the black flower one. Name slips my mind. But I still bought 5 of the black mottled tar spot fungus

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Rosetta nox maybe? Ah sorry, but thank you :smile:

I am interested in them as well.

Nope the one with the white flower

Hmm i only had white glow caps and those sold out the day i put them up lol

Restocked with colors from latest exo

@FireAngelDth if you were looking for the white stardrop plant I now have some in stock

Take a survey, earn a reward! Promotion ends June 14th.

Come to Mad Mag’s and take a survey using the mailbox out front.

All you have to do is rate my prices. After sending a message with your rating, I will add your name to a pool and draw a name from that pool on June 15th. The winner will receive 30 plants/fungus of their choice from the live world or 5-10 of the exo colors. Give a survey response with additional info such as which prices you think should be adjusted and you will have your name entered twice for better odds at winning!

Special note about current prices: I have tried to price all plants by their drops/difficulty to find and factoring in which drops can be mass farmed with regen bombs (exotic yams, leaves, exo color limited supply, etc)

Directions to the shop can be found in original post. See you soon!