Made by Orrian. this happened

10 3x3 T6 Hammers stocked at Iconicsberg Plaza!


Ooh those are yours I always buy all of them lol

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Caught red handed!


Do you ever make any sapphire or amethyst hammers?

no not really. I find stats you want can just be achieved by brew. why take a weaker hammer.

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I make amethyst every now and then :slight_smile: think my Sunken City shop has emerald and amethsyt aoe still for sale


For less energy drain and quicker action speed. I usually make them myself but i go through too many to keep in stock so im always looking for others that have them.

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Awesome, ill have to swing by sometime. Im familiar with where it is :slight_smile:

How do I get there?

<---- Still learning my way around after a long break

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Its right outside of the hunt hive by the big sword. Im sure theres a portal in the hive but i usually just walk there

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If you use the Iconic portal at the Hive takes you right to the plaza

Or city portal under Biitula PS hub


Ok I noticed im running low on coin. Items are back in the depot :rofl: Wont be quite the stock as before but at least everyone knows where that is.

Current portals there at hunt hive and a 1x2 portal at Biitula PS.

@Orrian Well that did not last long. Went to buy some hammers…nothing in stock.

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got some hammers out in multiple locations. Slingbow depot, Iconicsberg Plaza and Gyosha mall.

@Orrian You are out of hammers. :disappointed::sob::frowning_face: